press reset.

sometimes we feel a little off.

that “sometimes” for me was all of august, and some of september. let’s just sum it all up as things weren’t good around here. usually in these situations, i turn to my yoga mat. but that was part of the problem, our relationship was more than shaky. mat might have been there for me, but i wanted nothing to do with him.

so much stress and tension was building up in my body that i was having a hard time turning my head. my neck was just a knot. i got a massage and a little bit of reki done to allow me to detach my shoulders from my ears and clear up the negative energy from my crown chakra. it helped and allowed me to get some sleep, but it didn’t really fix too much.

it’s times like these where i turn to german auricular medicine (GAM), the magical Dr. Breanna Shillington and her clinic reset health.

reset health

never heard of GAM? here’s what it’s all about: practiced by European physicians since the 1950s, GAM is highly effective in treatment of chronic conditions, injuries and pain. doctors use acupuncture on specific points of their patients’ ears which link directly to other anatomical points of the body.

for this reason, i fondly refer to it as earcupuncture.

reset health

our bodies really remember everything, from past illness, to injuries, and even mosquito bites; it all adds up. Breanna uses GAM technology to uncover the existing health issues blocking the system from healing pain with the goal of resetting problem areas so the body can heal and function more as it should.

certain sessions my ankle is the main problem, other times it is my anxiety or digestion, and sometimes – like last week – my neck is one of the only points acting up. as much as its up to me, it’s really up to my ears…they tell Breanna all she needs to know.

she believes that pain and disease are not simply inconveniences we need to live with; rather it is information being delivered to us, alerting us to where our bodies need attention. and i’m on board with this philosophy.

i leave sessions feeling dreamy, and a little more put together….and then usually head across the street to bridgeland market for something yummy, because the clinic is also located in one of the cutest neighbourhoods in calgary.

i’m so happy to have found GAM (btw, it’s covered by health benefits under acupuncture; hooray!) and especially Breanna, she really is magic, and thankfully after last week’s session i’m starting to feel a little less off.

have you ever heard of GAM? have you done a treatment or acupuncture before?