treat yo self.

i’ve decided i need many more vacation days…or to stop working weekends. having friday off last week was a huge treat, and now that i’m back to the grind, i’m daydreaming about only having 10 more days until i’m off to my impromptu trip to seattle.

oh, ya, p.s. i’m going to seattle next week!

the good news is, i think i’m going to be able to tighten my budget enough that i won’t have to work both weekend days soon. i need a day in the summer for mountaining adventures, and i’ve promised becky and krista a visit a few too many times. plus, sanity and health – two things where i’m currently failing.

vacation days are even better when you have somewhere exciting to go. like mayan riviera…for free!

okay, so that’s not my trip….well, it might be.

Menchie’s Canada just announced their new digital scratch, win & smile contest. and the grand prize is a 7-night round trip for two to the 5-star dreams riviera cancun resort & spa in the mayan riviera.


you don’t even have to purchase fro-yo to enter (but why wouldn’t you?), all you have to do is “scratch & win” on your phone or computer. you’ll scratch to win instant prizes like 20% off, or buy one get one half off, and then be entered to win the grand prize trip.

enter here!

and enter as many times as you’d like until may 15 since there is no limit on how many instant win prizes you can collect. certain restrictions apply, see the full rules here.

it’s going to be a happy spring full of a lot of Menchie’s! i’ve already won $5 off a cake, so if your birthday is coming up, act surprised. it’s really in your best interest. ideally, i’d like to win the vacation as well. 1) because i need it – budget, days off, etc. please reference my complaining above 2) because i’ve never been anywhere tropical before and never been on an all-inclusive trip.

tell me, am i missing out on never going on an all-inclusive? even if i don’t drink much, so would be putting most open bars to waste? 

  • Becky @

    I loved Seattle! I hope you have a great trip down there.

    I don’t think you’re missing out on the all-inclusive thing. I’ve done it once for a wedding and I really wasn’t thrilled with the experience. Some of the restaurants were fantastic, but the majority is buffet food cooked en mass. I felt restricted and almost like I was in jail, having to plan excursions and transportation. I think it would be convenient if you weren’t really interested in sight seeing and exploring and just wanted to plant your butt by a pool or on a beach (or if you have kids, I think it would be a super easy getaway with Liam in tow).

  • I want to go to Mexico!!
    I’ve done a few all inclusive trips, and I think it really has to do with the resort. Iv’e stayed at the big resorts, so I felt like I could go back and forth as I pleased, and all I wanted to do was drink and relax :)

  • I’ve never really had the desire to do a Caribbean all-inclusive; no thank you free booze…and where can I get a beach umbrella for my lovely alabaster skin cause this baby does not bronze, she burns. Can we win it and then trade it in for many weeks travelling around Europe? That seems fair.

    • that sounds completely fair to me. i shall come. thanks in advance.

  • I loooooove all inclusives for a true beach relaxing vacation! You just have to show up and everything is taken care of for you. You don’t have to plan where your next drink or meal is going to come from, and you don’t have to worry you are going over your budget on food. Obviously free booze is a big perk for drinkers, but they can make all the fruity fun drinks virgins too. Last time I went to Mexico, we had swim out rooms and that was seriously so much fun.