casual fridays.


i am oddly the most productive person at work this week, probably because i have a photoshoot coming up and will be gone for two days next week so i need to hustle. it’s surprising me though, since all i want to do is spend all my waking hours thinking about seattle, and all my sleeping ones dreaming about it. we’re going for a concert, and have somehow worked our way into hanging out with the band, which means i’m going to be my most awkward, embarrassing self. not like anyone expects any less of me. Jess knows and she’s cool with it, so polar bear paws will be out in full force.

i’m also full-on with getting my health in check again…again. another sore spot of commitment in my life. oopsie?! after girl’s night with Katey on tuesday and talking about our failing bodies, i knew it was something i needed to take responsibility for again. today i’m getting my body put back in place by my chiro – who is also a badass yoga teacher and teaches a foam rolling class at my studio. we found a few ribs out of place and my neck a mess. i also have more doctor and naturopath appointments coming up. my PCOS is acting up and i’m feeling like junk.

that means fitness is a thing again. i’ve been back to spin class at a few places recently, which means my butt hurts. seriously, those bike seats are no friend to anyone. last friday Ange bribed with brunch asked Brie and i to do doubleheader RPM and BodyPump classes at GoodLife Fitness, and let me tell you, i was moving slowly for a few days after. it was a good workout – my legs were weak from the bike, which made squats look a bit bambi-like. all the wobbles. thankfully, we did indeed go for brunch after. bribes are best when they are carried out in entirety.

is your email inbox full of coupons for Menchie’s Canada yet? i now have $5 off a cake, buy one get one 50% off, $1 off fro-yo…and a few duplicates. the froyo isn’t going to help my bathing suit look when i win that all-inclusive trip.

how’s your week been? tell me things!

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  • Becky @

    I quickly learned after my first spin class that proper bike setup definitely makes a difference with butt soreness.

    • i don’t think my seat was up far enough, i did another class on wednesday and my butt doesn’t hurt quite as much from that one.

  • SEATTLE! How is it when we were there is was nice and fine but after leaving imissitsomuch? OMG you are going to be so awkward but it’s going to be so fun! Can you convince them to sng that thing you do? or any oldie? SWOON! And you def need macarons at that place across from pike place if there is time. AND A TARGET RUN!

    • There is ALWAYS a Target run…and a Trader Joe’s run….and eating all the delicious things. I’ll take good care of sister :)

  • I know you’re in to natural ways to help PCOS and I am too, and I’ve tried and tested a few, in case you wanted to learn some stuff on your health journey. You may be able to learn from some mistakes :) Shoot me an email if you want!

  • I hope you recap your amazing trip to Seattle!! A place I desperately want to visit again. But hanging out with a band? Gah, does that make you my famous friend now? My butt bones were SO sore for a few days after spin class :(