casual fridays.

i’m a bit predictable in my hair actions. if you knew me in my past life, i always had super bleach-blonde locks down to the middle of my back. i’d change it up by adding a trademark or some bangs, but the basics of it all stayed the same. when i opted for my natural colour – mainly because my hair was falling out – i’ve fallen into a different predictable pattern: when i need a little life breather, i cut it.


so, hey, check out my new hair cut.

this is probably the shortest i’ve gone since gr. 10 and i was convinced that a pixie cut and my chubby face would actually look good together. i’m wrong sometimes.

with the countless blood tests and doctor appointments lately, i felt like i was lacking on pretty self care (because, in reality, going for tests is self caring). my amazing hair stylist just returned from maternity leave and i after she did her thing, i slyly said, “i think we should go shorter.” she’s magic with a curling iron. i’m curious to see how i’ll style it myself. or pull it back. fitness/sweaty is going to look interesting.

the gorgeous weather has me outside and dreaming of long mountain hikes. i have a folder of screenshots stored on my phone of all the new trails that i want to conquer this year. i’d love to enhance my difficulty level, but with knowing how incredibly clumsy i am, i’m not taking the risk factor too high. poor sister has witnessed me crash my body off rocks and logs with some epic falls. city exploring will do for now, even better when accompanied with the cutest puppy. i got some billy time on tuesday and freaked out about his cute face more times than i can count.

i’m going to a full moon ceremony tonight, and have no idea what to expect. i’ve heard there will be a fire, and perhaps we’ll be burning things. i’ll happily torch some stuff and focus on letting go of all the things holding us back from our intentions. sounds like a hippie dream. but i assure you, it’s actually going down.

what are you up to this weekend? ever done a full moon ceremony?

  • Jo @ Living Mint Green

    I love love LOVE your new hair. Short hair is the best… it’s so fun & easy to style too. Dry shampoo and texturizing spray will be your new BFFs.

    A full moon ceremony sounds awesome. I try to make an effort to write down things I want to manifest in a dream journal. The things I want to let go of are written on a piece of paper and burned, then flushed down the toilet. Hahaha

    Have a great weekend! :) xo

  • Becky @

    I really, really, really love your haircut. My hair has been the same style for 10+ years. I wanted my hair long and beautiful, down my back, close to my butt, but it will not grow any longer than what it is. I’ve changed it up with various colours over the years, but I think it’s time to chop it.

    Let’s plan a hike together!

  • I love your haircut too!! Long hair is fun for awhile, but I’m always relieved when I cut mine off. I want to go for a hike with you and Becky too!

    I have never been to a full moon ceremony but I’d love to go to one one day.

    See you tomorrow!! xo