casual fridays.

i would love to spend my days travelling and working from all corners of the globe…if it didn’t kick my ass so much when i finally came to a settle. i guess if i never had one timezone to settle in, it wouldn’t be that bad? or maybe you get used to it after a while?


after a whirlwind trip back to toronto for my bestie’s wedding, i slipped into a coma on wednesday night and my 45 minute nap turned into 10 hours of on and off sleep. to say my body needed it is an understatement. it could also be because i crammed a month’s worth of activities into the five days i was home. a common theme for any time i head east.

in frightening news, i’m reading books on personal finances and opened a TFSA. i think i’m an adult, guys. it was bound to happen sooner or later. i’m incredibly proud of myself, and maybe one day in the not so distant future i’ll even claim to be good with money and have a hefty savings account. currently that title is reserved for sister.

speaking of books, i also just finished Kelsey Miller’s Big Girl.


yes, that’s a library sticker…remember, financial things.

if you’ve ever faced body image issues, an eating disorder, or still stuck in the “skinny over everything” life phase, i would suggest this book to you. i cried. twice. and that was me holding back because i read the final third of it on the plane. i’ve sobbed on the plane before – it scares people. i try not to do that anymore.

“for the second time, i signed up to trust myself, and the wisdom and strength of my own body and mind. sometimes you need to make a promise twice.”

i took a photo of the page that quote was one because i loved it so much.

memoirs/autobiographies are my thing. it all started with The Basketball Diaries when i was 12 (which, i highly do not recommend for that age – totally inappropriate subject matter). Jim Carroll was one seriously messed up man, but holy could he write! my book is a memoir and because i’ve dove deep into strangers’ lives, i fully believe someone will want to read about mine, too.

what is your favourite genre of book? would you rather have a home base, or being a free spirit with a passport and a backpack and no fixed address?