bonne fête.

a birthday celebration isn’t complete without cake.


thankfully good earth coffeehouse agrees with me. franchisees, friends and media gathered at the first good earth location on 11st sw in downtown calgary to celebrate 25 years with beautiful cakes, delicious treats and bold coffee.

founders Nan and Michael took us on a walk down memory lane: from opening their first calgary location, to expanding locally and then nationally.


my favourite thing about the menu is that good earth makes their food in their own kitchens everyday using fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts, real eggs and fresh dairy. this guarantees the highest standards of quality and freshness. it’s not often you see this anymore in quick-serve coffee shops. we’re too often being fed from plastic packaging, or consuming pre-made, 15 second “fresh baked” items.

they believe everyone is entitled to know what they are eating, so good earth keeps a complete and current list of ingredients of all products in each coffeehouse for your use. i feel better about grabbing a scone, sandwich or flatbread from their counter knowing this.


you can’t have a coffee shop without the coffee. organic, direct and ethical trade, rainforest alliance certified coffee. i was treated to a little coffee knowledge and sampling from renowned coffee roasters Adam and Peter of reunion island – if you’re in toronto, or on instagram, you may recognize their roncy shop from their coffee tiled floor. like alcohol, i’m quite naive to coffee nuances. while everyone else was nodding their head along to the flavour profiles and such, i was the one giggling when i was introduced to the idea of juicy coffee.


new this year, good earth introduced craft cold brew coffee, handcrafted in small batches. you can order it on ice for a smooth summer drink – or try their gold brew fizz for a slightly sweet alternative with refreshing bubbles. my suggestion, if you’re being indulgent, try the sweet & salty cold brew with a touch of caramel and hawaiian sea salt, shaken with cream and served over ice.


one photo of a savoury goods, because i swear there are more than just sweets on the menu. happy birthday, good earth! here’s to the next 25.

p.s. good news for my toronto friends: good earth is opening their first cafe in the city by ryerson in the pace condos building at dundas & jarvis.

do you celebrate birthdays with cake? do you have a good earth in your neighbourhood?

  • Those cranberry blondies are the bomb!

    • so good to know! they looked it, but i haven’t tried yet.

  • Becky @

    I really like Good Earth’s food. I’m quite disappointed that the one location we had here in the mall was replaced with a Starbucks and Good Earth moved to a rec center that I never go to at this point.

    • boo that does suck. convenience is always the deciding factor for me, too.

  • That cake looks amazing!! The last time I went to good earth, I was really disappointed when I ordered a bowl of soup and then watched her nuke the crap out of it in the microwave. Otherwise, I am a big fan of there’s when there’s one convenient for me to visit!