casual fridays.

if the calendar didn’t remind me, i’d have no idea today was friday. with having dad here for five days, and taking off to the mountains on tuesday, my internal calendar is madly flipping pages. on that note, it’s june?


speaking of mountains and dad, how adorable is he at the barrier lake lookout? i feel like photos of my 62-year-old dad are more appreciated around here than ones of me, since all weekend all i heard was about how nice, sweet, adorable, cute., etc., dad was. i do not get a fourth of the compliments.

we headed out to kananaskis early tuesday morning to take on prairie view trail and headed up to the barrier lake lookout. we had day-two doms in our legs from our 15k adventure in the calgary marathon, but didn’t think too much of it besides a pain in the butt. literally. it wasn’t until the fourth or fifth steep incline that the rest of our bodies decided to sing. dad felt it in his knee, my right calf turned into lead – no more muscle power, just something to drag along with me up the trail. needless to say, the last third of the way up, was not a pretty sight.

in normal laura fashion, i began the negative self-talk about how out of shape i was, and how disappointed i was in myself. the good news is, it didn’t turn into a full-blown breakdown, and i only threatened crying with welled up tears; none of them actually fell. instead my temper tantrum manifested as snippy comments directed at my dad for a similar situation that happened almost three years prior. he was fine with it, though, as he knew he deserved them. ha!

magically it all disappeared when we found the end of the trail. that view, some snacks, and sitting down erased every evil thought in my mind and happiness took over. it’s impossible to not smile like a goof when the rockies are in sight. we snapped some photos and headed back down the trail. we arrived back to the car in just under three hours from when we left it, and headed into banff for lunch.

in all, dad and i covered 40 miles on foot in five days. my legs are beaten up and i am tired. my overall lesson from this weekend is i’m out of shape but still incredibly capable. i need to finally buy some hiking boots and get my butt up and down more trails – my lungs will thank me in the long run. in the short term, they’ll be very very upset with me.

it’s official: i have one day a week off! i gave up my sunday shift at weekend work, and now have that day all to myself. this week i’m celebrating by doing absolutely nothing. i think. that will probably change. but the best part is knowing that i can do absolutely anything i want to and don’t have to rush back at any particular time, or miss time with friends because of it. hooray! *throws confetti*

what are you up to for the weekend?