casual fridays.


you’re damn right that i bought peonies because they are so instagramable – and inexpensive at the time. girl on a budget. here’s the real life thing about peonies: they are asshole flowers. stubborn, take a lot of fussing, and die really easily. they smell good and look good for, like, a day. not going to stop anyone from hashtagging them.

while i love the heat, i’m thankful for a bit of cooler weather rolling through calgary. no air conditioning makes for very treacherous sleeping conditions. it’s taking my normal thrashing and restlessness to a whole new level. add in a few ribs out of place, and my neck a complete mess and you don’t get a very happy bedtime laura. good news is i took care of the ribs/neck with my chiropractor this week, and hopefully the weather will figure itself out at night, too.

have you ever noticed that after you get your body fixed and put back into place it can get even more sore? it’s like your muscles are saying, “hey, what did you do to us? we were so used to being out of whack with shitty posture. we’re now going to take it out on you.” that’s the party we are having over here, rocktape included to remind my left shoulder what proper posture. i blame it on my poor sleeping habits and being a writer. does anyone have suggestions of a sturdy standing desk that’s not one million dollars? i found a cheap alternative for sale, but it doesn’t suggest putting an iMac on it, and my monday to friday rocks out with gorgeous (but heavy) 27″ers.

exciting news: victoria’s secret is having a clearance sale on their bras and some underoos. bras for $20. in my size. that don’t look like grandma girdles. i couldn’t believe it either. usually if there is a bra for sale in my size – which is, let’s call, ‘in charge’ – it’s so super ugly. instead, i scored four beautiful and supportive bras, including a sports bra, for $20 each. i regularly pay $60 for one sports bra. i’m a very very happy camper right now. and my boobs looks amazing. #realtalk.

much more exciting new: sister gets here on tuesday! it didn’t feel real until wednesday when we booked our hotels for #sistertrip2016 and started solidifying plans. mountains, mountains, target, mountains. and i’m forcing her on at least one hike. other than that, a lot of relaxing, water, mountains and ice cream. duh. and cookies. sister and jess in the same place at the same time will be the most delicious and dangerous combination.

what are you up to this weekend?