casual fridays.


have you been to glacier national park? i can’t say enough good things about it. i’m not too sure what i was expecting from montana, i’ve never been, but the thoughts never blew me away. “something new to experience” i’d say, like i’d go to montana once but never really feel an urge to go back. in reality i purchased a yearly park pass, and hope to find an adventure buddy with a reliable vehicle.

the first few days back from vacation always hit you the hardest. i got thrown back into a full, tight deadline-driven workload and then was surprised with a cold last night. not like i should be surprised, sister got sick her last few days here. i’m in full oh-woe-is-me mode. send tea, soup, tissues and a teddy bear, please. i’d like to just sleep forever; thankfully, i have no plans for this evening – not like i have plans most fridays. i’m not that cool, guys.

good news: my physiotherapist thinks my plantar fasciitis is improving. i need to keep doing my exercises religiously and get fitted for orthotics, but my weekly visits have been extended to every two and a half weeks, and the dry needling isn’t leaving such a horrible muscle ache as it used to. progress!

a smart return to fitness is in order, too. “if running 5k hurts, only go 4.” my physio is kinda smart…but a little bit creepy. like yesterday, when he was giving me a foot massage and breathily asked, “hmmm does that feel good?” there is nothing threatening about him, he just says strange things and gives everyone pet names…as i type this, i’ve now come to the realization that he’s basically the male version of me. i’m sorry to everyone i’ve creeped out. except you, rebecca, you deserve every uninvited wink in your direction.

what’s up for the weekend?