orange is the new sweat.

a few weeks ago, i made the trip to red deer to visit becky, because i said i would visit her for over a year to try my first orange theory fitness class. i had heard a lot about this styles of class, and was pretty convinced that i was going to die. spoiler alert: still alive.


i met up with becky and lindsey at the gym, we filled in intake forms, were given our tracking heart rate monitors, and were walked through all the different stations of the class. becky had been to a class before, but lindsey and i were fish our of water being led around the orange-tinted fitness floor. our (very cute) instructor, who happened to also be irish and too-quick speaking, showed us around and gave us the low down on how class was going to run.

the class was split into two groups. the first was on the treadmills to start, the second (ours) was alternating between the rowing machines and weight section.

we got things warmed up with a 1000m row and then:

  • 12 overhead TRX pulls
  • 12 seated balance bicep curls
  • 12 ISO lunge with shoulder press/side
  • 20 total alternating plank rows
  • 12 supermans
  • 250 metre row
  • repeat as many times as possible


when time was up, we switched over to the treadmills for the pure cardio section of the workout. there were three different levels to follow: power walker (me!), jogger or runner. as well as three speeds: base pace, push pace and all out pace. the instructor leads you through which level you should be working on and for how much time. the intervals of getting your heart rate up and then slowing everything back down leaves you sweaty and spent.

there are screens around the fitness floor showing you your heart rate and stats so you can see if you’re pushing hard enough/too hard, etc. at the end of the workout, they email you all the data from your monitor so you can track and compare your results. note to you: when you fill in your intake make sure they have your email address correct or you don’t end up with emailed results – what happened to me. they also can’t retrieve them after the fact, so i was out of luck on tracking. kind of annoying. thankfully our instructor went over our results after class, so i know that during this workout i burned over 500 calories.


from the looks of the website, it seems that the locations are oriented pretty similar to each other, which is a benefit to anyone who likes routine and knowing exactly where they are supposed to be going. takes the guesswork and the fear out of it. a smart marketing tactic of theirs, i’m sure.

at the end of class, i felt challenged – but in a good way, not in a feel-worse-about-myself way. i would definitely go back to an OTF class, the only downside for me is price. i have gym memberships, as well as drop in passes to numerous fitness and yoga studios, so to add a high 20s/30-ish dollar drop in to the routine, is too much. if it were my only form of fitness, i could definitely justify it. i can see this method delivering serious results. good news is the first class is free, so give it a shot!

dear OTF, *waves*, i have a crush on you, call me.

let’s keep it simple:

is it a good workout? yes!

is it for me? yes!

have you tried orange theory fitness before?