part and parcel: Brie.

when it comes to social media, i don’t really like facebook, instagram is a new lover of mine, but my OG network has always been twitter. that’s where you’ll find me being ridiculous most of the time.

that’s also where i met Brie. i’m glad i found out she was moving to calgary from edmonton, and even happier she became an integral member of the blog squad. she’s a funny and tell-it-like-it-is lady, mama of a sweet little boy, obsessive reader, and much more. she’s spilling her purse for us; check out her must-haves.


baby wipes

even when my toddler isn’t with me, i have these on hand, as i’ve learned they are useful for so many things, like wiping down restaurant tables! i like this refillable wipes clutch from huggies because i can fill it with any wipes i like, and it’s cute!

hand sanitizer

i particularly like this strawberry one from the body shop because of the smell!

hand lotion

my hands are constantly dry so hand lotion in my purse is a must. my sister-in-law gifted this to me, and i adore it! the pomegranate smells so good, and this lotion isn’t greasy at all, which is nonnegotiable for me and often hard to find in natural lotions. i also love that it’s made in canada!

lip balm

i’m not a big lipstick wearer, but sometimes i do crave a little colour on my lips. i’m really digging the tinted lip balms from burt’s bees, as they still moisturize my lips while adding a pop of colour.

protein bar

i never know when hunger will strike, and having something that my toddler will also share with me is a huge bonus. lately my go-to snack bar is the cool-mint chocolate bar from clif. i’m a mint-chocolate addict, and this bar does not disappoint.

a pen

it drives me crazy when you need a pen and can’t find one, so i like to carry around my own. this is one of my favourite pens ever, the seven year pen. if you don’t lose it, it’s said to last you seven years!

a book

i always, always have a physical book on me. you never know when you will have 5 or 10 minutes throughout your day when you can read, and while p love my iPhone for checking up on my favourite blogs and social media, i also relish the extra moments where I can read a few more pages of my current read. if my toddler is with me – i always have a book for him as well! (bonus points: pick up a copy of ‘the royal we’ and join Brie’s book club this month.)

what are some of your purse essentials?