part and parcel: Kaella.

mom, reporter, runner, blogger. these are just a few ways that Kaella describes herself.

i “met” Kaella through the blogging world and actually met her at the race for women last year where we both ran pr’s. it was a good day. the week later she kindly let me follow her like a little puppy as she paced one of her best friend’s to a new pr…i, on the other hand, blew up and fell off.

with a full-time job, being a single mom and trying to maintain a social life, Kaella wakes up extra early to get her workouts in and training for upcoming races. it’s inspiring to say the least.

when you’re up before the sun, you need to be prepared. here’s what Kaella keeps in her gym bag:



mizuno wave riders 19

my go-to shoes. i’ve always worn mizunos as they work best for me. i just got the latest upgrade (the 19’s) and love how light they are.

lululemon tracker short & sculpt tank

for the most part, I wear lululemon, mizuno or old navy clothing. today, this is what i packed in my bag. comfort is key! you want to be able to focus on your workout and not adjusting your gear.

procompression #thegibblers socks

because colourful socks are fun! also, the compression helps with blood circulation and recovery. i use to have the worst case of restless legs after a long run until i started wearing these.

garmin forerunner 220

my go-to fitness tracker. it works on the treadmill, which i love! (editor’s note: i have this tracker, too.)

food – amino energy: watermelon; banana; pure protein bar: chocolate peanut butter

i always drink a pre-workout and need to have a snack on hand for immediately after i finish – i am always so hungry!

iPhone 5s, yurbuds, believe training journal, pen

i listen to music when i workout and i like to have my training plan handy for my strength workouts so i’m using my time effectively.

sparkly soul headband & bobby pins

i probably have 25 bobby pins in my bag because i always throw in a few more every time i’m packing my bag. i have thick hair and sparkly soul headbands are the only ones that stay in place.

momentum jewelry wrap – dig deep

motivational jewelry is great to help me push through the tough moments. i love the “dig deep” one for spin! when we are sprinting or climbing i see it on my wrist and it helps me from backing off.

random: hot wheels, wipes

my son London’s stuff tends to end up in all my bags. sometimes he comes with me to the gym so I like to have a toy and wipes. the wipes are awesome to use, on me, to clean up a little before i leave the gym; especially if i have somewhere to after!

what are some of your gym bag essentials?