late night picture show.

one thing i always thought has been missing from calgary is a drive-in movie theatre.

to be completely honest, it’s been years since i’ve been to a drive-in, even though there was one just down the road from my parent’s place in my teen years. i still get nostalgic, though. the thought of summer days at the cottage and nights at the drive-in with friends. warm nighttime air, and staying out way past curfew. i love the trip down memory lane.


thanks to Fountain Tire’s Open Road Cinema, calgary will have a drive-in theatre for one night only. what’s the special occasion? Fountain Tire, one of Canada’s leading tire sales and automotive services providers, is celebrating a significant milestone – its 60th anniversary.

when: wednesday, july 27
where: calgary stampede grounds, 1410 olympic way se
time: everything gets started at 6:45 p.m. with the movie beginning just after sunset at 9:45 p.m.
movie: kung fu panda 3

online tickets are sold out in calgary, but you can still head to the grounds to grab a spot. not in calgary? for the list of other cities on the cinema tour, click here.

to celebrate the anniversary with the customers that got them there, Fountain Tire is hitting the road with a 60 day cross-country campaign, including in-store promotions, and contesting on top of the drive-in movie tour in 12 major markets across Canada.

that brings me to the most important question: what’s your favourite movie candy?

i don’t have much of a sweet tooth – i’ll always pick salty over sweet – but if i’m picking candy i usually have two front runners: swedish berries and peanut m&m’s.


this would have looked a lot different growing up because my hometown best friend is allergic to every, which also includes peanuts. when i went away for university my eyes were opening to a whole new world of candy. i love you, andrea, but i also love peanut m&m’s now. living in calgary means i still don’t have to worry about killing her when i eat candy.

nibs will also make me happy.

what is your favourite movie candy? do you like going to the drive-in?

    yes to sweedish berries, yes to peanut m&ms, and theatre popcorn, extra points for mixing popcorn with chocolate chips.

    I like the idea of drive-ins but it’s a bit uncomfortable and you can’t always get the best view but at least you don’t have to listen to other people. Movies in the park was great. Movies on my couch is probably my favourite though.

    • movie in the park favourite snack? una pizza.

  • Becky @

    OOH I’m excited they have a stop in Red Deer. Although it’s far too late to take the kidlet. There used to be drive in movies in the summer here once a week before Liam was born. Kind of bummed they stopped doing it.

    Favourite movie snack is popcorn of course but if I’m feeling like something sweet, Nibs all the way.

    • i was wondering why they were planing a kids movie so late at night. i know that school’s out, but don’t most kids have bedtimes that are before midnight?

  • I LOVED the drive-in when I was in Winnipeg.
    I’m sad I won’t be able to make it tonight :(

  • I never went to a drive-in growing up, but when we lived in BC, there was (is) one in Cloverdale (near Langley), and Jim and I went a lot. They always played two features (first a kids movie, then the adult movie), so for the price of one, you could stay for both. Which meant a really, really late night, because like you said, they don’t start the first movie until it gets dark! I’m kind of sad that this isn’t a frequent experience I will get to take Sully to though :(