something’s in the air.

our noses play such a huge role in so much: what we want to eat, our moods, and how we experience things around us. there aren’t too many things better than sense-arousing smells.

essential oils seem to be a fad right now – no i’m not mlm’ing anything. but i started learning more how oils can benefit us in different ways. my number one interest is always how natural outlets can help improve mental health. smell and oils really do work wonders in this category.

oils can be quite concentrated and need to be diluted before use. for this reason, i don’t want to put any directly on my skin, instead i’ve been looking into diffusers.


i recently got sent the exquisite essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy from organic aromas. i chose it because of it’s sleek and slender design; it’s tiny frame blends in elegantly to my existing living room decor. it was specifically designed and developed for modern, fashion-minded individuals who desire something fresh, exciting and unique. now, if that doesn’t sound like me, i don’t know what does. *humble brag*

unlike many nebulizers, it uses no heat or water to diffuse, which maintains the holistic and therapeutic properties of essential oils.

maybe it’s because the oils are not diluted, or maybe because it’s so easy to use often since you don’t have to fill the body with water, i feel like i’m going through oils a bit faster. at the same time, it’s the purest and most intense i’ve ever smelled any oil i’ve diffused, and my apartment lingers of the scents for many hours after i’ve turned it off.

you may also forget that it’s on, because it is completely quiet.

not to worry, it automatically turns off after two hours. for this reason, i’m also contemplating putting it in my bedroom to defuse sleepy-time scents like lavender. i’ve never used essential oils to aid sleep, but i’ve heard it works wonders and i need as much help as i can get in that department.

currently my favourite scents to diffuse are: organic aroma’s signature blend, liquid sunshine and mountain high from saje wellness, and elevation from doterra.

do you diffuse? what are some of your favourite blends?