casual fridays.

unnamedi ate leftover cold pizza in bed this morning. and it was just as great as it sounds.

little miss i-don’t-really-drink had more than a few at the grey goose canada #boulangeriebleue summer soiree last night. i got to share a wide array of exceptional cocktails with my friend Morgan. (a last hoorah before he moves far, far away. saying goodbye is strange when it actually may be goodbye, and you may not see that person again. MB, i know you read s&s: be safe, have fun, live life, i’ll miss you, dear.) grey goose turned the simmons building is east village into the french riviera. it was posh, and chic and every other synonym you can think of. it was once of the first evenings in memory that it didn’t rain at night, and we enjoyed the large patio – minus the mosquitos – in the blissful summer evening warmth. we also went to una at 11:30p.m. because three little servings of strawberry bruschetta was doing nothing to tide over our hunger.

i also found out today that pizza is a great pre-workout. i headed to a gym in the south this morning to help my friend re-up her personal training certification. i got into character – jerome, 52, construction worker, no flexibility, doesn’t really work out – and she put me through a warm up, cardio training, resistance training, cool down and stretch. even though she told me she was going to throw up, i think she did amazing. the instructor agreed; she passed with a 90%!

i got back to the office and was still in my workout clothes, and decided to get in a real workout as myself – laura, 30, writer, tons of flexibility, should workout more than she does. some circuit training, some endurance training, and some heavy ass lifting. it was my first time attempting to work up to a heavy deadlift in over a year, and i got 205 lbs. up before my grip failed miserably and the weight came crashing back down. i feel strong. i also feel like t-rex because my hands are cramped up like little claws. it’s making typing quite difficult.

i plan on doing a whole bunch of nothing this weekend. how glorious! which, of course, means that if the weather is nice on sunday and i can find a buddy, i’ll hike on sunday.

so tell me: what did you have for breakfast? do you like to lift heavy? what’s up for the weekend?

  • You’re so strong woohoo. Also pizza is awesome. I have had lots of great workouts, personal records, and kickass races fueled by pizza!

  • Becky @

    This all sounds so, so lovely. I miss heavy lifting so much. I was so close to a 200lb deadlift before I had to give up my membership. Womp. One day I will own a big basement or garage and have my own rack so I can get back there. Proud of you for hitting that though. Nothing is more awesome than a badass fit chick.

    Also, I’ve been craving pizza all week.

  • Food is major boring, as per usual. Yougart and nectarines for breakfast BUT avo toast and proscuitto/melon for lunch. So YAH! neither are as good as UNA pizza though.