casual fridays.


friendship things. this week has been full of them, which makes me really happy. i have some really neat people in my life, guys. and they are, like, really pretty, too. which means absolutely nothing, but it often motivates me to actually do something with myself – like brush my hair – so that’s a plus.

though, getting ready for a friend date with a fashion stylist sent me into a full panic of what to wear, only to realize that on the daily i pretty much dress like a librarian, glasses included. but then Julie told me she thought i looked cute…collective sigh of relief. librarian for the win.

i’m also incredibly caffeinated because of all these friendship times. it does absolutely nothing for my already shaky hands. talk to sister, and know better than to trust me around an instagram creep. i’m accidentally liking all the 174-weeks-ago posts.

yesterday i decided to work remotely. it seems i’ve been pulled into meetings all week and haven’t been able to get any real work done. so a coffee shop it was – duh – mostly because i wanted more toast. plus, i love people watching. on a break from furious typing, i looked up at the bar to notice the last guy i went on a few dates with. you know the one that is currently ghosting me? yup. that one. *eyes down to the laptop* Leslie works across from the monogram, and thanks to my snap, she decided to come join me and grab a coffee. mid-conversation i needed to pee, and of course the bathroom was right beside the table ghost-man was sitting at. way to go me, walking back and forth to make things more awkward. winner. i did appreciate the obvious stare while he was leaving. i’m sure we’re both going to proceed like it never happened.

i’m on the golf course today for our company’s charity golf tournament. i’m terrible at golf, even though i worked at a course for three summers. i very rarely took advantage of the free rounds, except when bringing dad or a date – it was a prestigious, private club they’d have no access to regularly. seriously, boys, i have incredible hookups. you want to date me. our goal is $10,000 raised, and i hope we surpass that. pray for sun so i can tan a tad.

weekend full of work, a backyard bbq to watch the last hip concert with friends, and a hike with Erin.

what are your plans for the weekend? any awkward dating encounters to share?