casual fridays.


yesterday the united states national parks service celebrated their 100th anniversary. it had me day dreaming of hiking in glacier national park again, and doing that drive along going-to-the-sun road.

since i moved into my new place – it’s been months – i’ve delayed putting my art on the wall because i was debating getting a smart tv. i have no interest in cable, but having a larger screen to watch netflix would be cool sometimes. for the fact this many months have passed, i’m pretty sure i’m not going to get one and i should just hang my photos. having a full gallery of framed art along the ground does nothing to make a girl feel settled in her space.

i usually get into a little bit of a funk after i post really personal things here on s&s. there is so much effort that goes in to reliving a moment, that the pain of it comes back to the surface. that’s probably why it’s taken me so long to write parts of my book. silly me started at the beginning of the story and got caught in the undertow of old emotions. it took weeks for me to find the life preserver and crawl out last time. thankfully this time i’m older, wiser, know better. it was actually pretty great to share.

part of my treatment for PCOS is going back on birth control pills – for the rest of the treatment, i’m still waiting on blood work results (ugh) – which i’m totally fine with because babies = ew. but also not okay with because i believe the pill makes me super crazy. even though i’m on one with extremely low estrogen, i feel like it’s making me psycho again. it’s been less than one month back on it and i’m tearing up and crying over every little thing. for example: a facebook message message that said, “i look forward to our QT that weekend.” made me cry at my desk. i understand it does good things for hormone balance in women with PCOS, but if you don’t have to be on it, find yourself a better contraceptive.

i’ve been craving ice cream in a bad way this week; however, as much as i want to blame that on the pill cravings, too, we know that’s not the case. i haven’t been to village in a month. the last time i went was on a date, which i thought went well, but obviously i was wrong. and i got a seasonal flavour which just wasn’t that great because i don’t like chocolate ice cream, and i know that i don’t. so i’m really not sure why i decided on a chocolate-based flavour. maybe i was just reading everything wrong that night. long story short (i don’t do short well): i’m going to get me some ice cream this weekend.

what are your weekend plans? ice cream?