here fishy fishy.

on a grey sunday a few weeks ago, my eye was caught by a bright yellow door. how long had it been there? i loved the way it looked against the brick building and dark sky. i snapped a photo and carried on my way.


little did i know that a few weeks later i’d be dining there, helping celebrate the launch of rodney’s fish shack – the hip younger brother of rodney’s oyster house. like, if rodney grew a beard, got some tattoos, and wore cool hats.

thankfully i wasn’t too clueless to the new paint job, the doors to fish shack opened during stampede in july.


this eclectic, urban eatery offers a concise menu of fast food favourites including: fish & chips, fish tacos, and breaded clams.

you order at the counter and can either get take-away or enjoy your meal at one of the counters or outside on benches parked along the sidewalk (terrible recent calgary rain permitting). the drink case is filled with the usuals, along with quirky original sodas and a variety of tallboys.

order the hard root beer, because it’s incredible. and if enough of us petition for it, maybe they’ll team up with village to get vanilla ice cream for a boozy root beer float.


besides it being delicious, i’m a big fan of the fish shack’s simple philosophy: sustainable seafood that’s always fresh, never frozen.

being in a landlocked province, fresh is not often something we see. i’ve run into situations with still frozen sashimi. it wasn’t good.


going for fish & chips was a regular occurrence of my childhood. being raised roman catholic, you didn’t eat meat on fridays, or religious days, etc. so fish it was! that didn’t last long past elementary school, but is still respected in mimi’s house.

mom would take us for halibut & chips at a little spot in the west end. we’d eat our beige-coloured meals at wooden tables and drink pop and cover our fries in malt vinegar. sister only ate the breading off of it; she’s not too huge into fish. and you’d pray you didn’t have to use the bathroom, because you’d have to go down a steep set of stairs, down a long hallway past all the storage rooms. this, of course, is all based on childhood memory, and i wonder how “scary” that basement actually is many years later, and inches taller.

i haven’t gone for fish & chips in the five years i’ve been in calgary, but rodney’s fish shack brought back enough childhood memories to know it will now be in my rotation.

are you a fish and chips fan?