not to be confused with the british boyband; even though i did own, and often listen to, their debut self-titled album.


instead, today marks five years since i moved to calgary.


if you asked me back then, i wouldn’t have stayed three months, but had forced myself to stay six and reevaluate after that. six months planted me firmly in one of the coldest and snowiest march’s i’ve ever witnessed, and there was no part of me that was driving back across the country in that kind of weather. i stayed put and decided to give myself six more months – that’s when my lease was up, anyway. i got to my one year anniversary with a broken leg, new internal hardware, a cast, and a shiny new set of crutches. i guess sometimes life decides to keep you in one place in funny ways.

my urge to move back to toronto has gone from hourly to about weekly, over the last five years, but it hasn’t disappeared. liking your family will do that to a person. thankfully, sister comes to visit at least once a year, and i’ve convinced dad and mom to come out twice each. now just to get my grandma out! she loves jasper and lake lousie, and i’d love to be able to experience both places with her.

i thank calgary for saving me. i left toronto in a real horrible place, as an emotionally abused, depressed, anxious 25 year old. flying solo in cowtown has given me the opportunity to work on restoring the lively and fun laura i once knew. with the help of a wide range of professionals, new friends, and a lot of fight (and tears, duh) i see her more and more often. she really likes the mountains.

  • Life sure is funny sometimes. Glad you moved to Calgary and I had the chance to meet you!

    • we need to do that ‘getting together’ thing more often!

  • 5 years already? good thing you stuck with it unlike that chick with the nice apt who moved back to mtl. so dumb.

  • Becky @ TheBexFactor.com

    I like when the universe has other plans. I especially like that the universe kept you here so we could meet! <3

  • Jen Rawson @ Pretty Little Gru

    It’s been about 5 years for me in Calgary too. Though I’ve never wanted to leave since I got here.

  • Congrats on your moving anniversary! Moving is the hardest thing (I moved from Philly to Anchorage a few years ago) and I never stop being homesick, but I’m so glad that I did it. It’s so important to be in a place where you are happy!

  • Happy Calgary-versary. <3