casual fridays.


the raptors are playing in calgary on october 3, and i was so excited to go to the game. thanks to ticketmaster bots, i was out of luck – within 45 seconds of them going on sale – and now need to scheme a plan to get myself to that game! ticketmaster is a ridiculous joke, and i hate the people that jack up the tickets on stubhub. this one makes me sad. any little bit of toronto i can infuse into my life i will always take advantage of. i miss home a lot lately. toronto vs everybody.

want to listen to a love song? give and then some by arkells a play. i can’t get it out of my head; it’s extra swoony.

speaking of arkells, i am seeing them in concert again on saturday at x-fest. that will make three times this year so far. in my mind, it’s not quite enough. i’m quite jealous that jess went both nights back in january, and sister gets to see them at massey hall (one of my all time favourite music venues) in november. if it didn’t cost a fortune to fly within canada, i’d be going to that show with her.

hi. it’s still summer. stop pumpkin things. be more basic.

the blog i write for work just got selected as #33 in a “top 100 fitness blogs” ranking. i’m pretty pumped about that, and am trying to find some way to turn that accomplishment into a raise. ha! dear economic crash in calgary, please fix yourself. baller bank account status aside, i’m really proud that i was able to show that to my bossman this morning. gold star, pat on the head. go me!

from last week’s cf, i’m happy to report i got ice cream; i know you were all concerned. i also haven’t cried too too much this week, which also is a win.

on top of x-fest, it’s also pride weekend in calgary, and soup dumplings are calling my name. jess and i are going to be super busy – and stuffed – by the time monday comes around, but i’m so so excited for all of it. massage on monday and probably a nap!

what are you up to for the long weekend?