casual fridays.


i forgot to mention that besides eating ice cream two weeks ago, i was also able to hang my artwork on the walls. my living room is pretty perfect now, i just need to find a great piece for over my dining room table and i’d say i’m finished decorating.

sister shared all of her favourite places to eat in calgary over on chrissy’s blog yesterday. i only helped her with two places to go for lunch, and she did the rest. it makes me feel like i’m a really great host to my visitors and show them all the good spots to chow down. humble brag.

xfest was everything i could have imagined and more. my third time seeing arkells this year did not disappoint, besides the fact the set was far too short. it did include a max butt wiggle, though. i have a new crush on vance joy – my lord he’s a great looking, artistic man – and an incredible appreciation for how talented the Lumineers are. plus, i had the greatest company. just four gals in the sunshine with great music and palm bays on an empty stomach. remember the guy who was ghosting me that i ran into at the coffee shop? i also ran into him in the vip section at xfest. hooray. i looked super cute, so i win.

i’m on puppy patrol this weekend, which just means i get to feed and walk billy occasionally. but it’s a highlight in my life because it involves a dog who is already used to me taking too many photos and hugging it all the time. texting with andrea last night, she said something that rings so true for me right now:

having a temporary dog is amazing. fostering dogs really helped me get though a lot! just the ability to hug them or cry it out with them. such a great stress reliever.

i’ve been doing everything in my power to not let my anxiety get to me lately: gratitude, meditation, journaling, positive self talk. it’s exhausting work to try and better yourself. the truth is, i’m just feeling overwhelmed. my two new pills have my hormones and body on a rollercoaster, i’m emotional, have lost my appetite, and at my whit’s end. i didn’t try to stop yesterday’s attack; instead i was aware of what was going on and got myself home as soon as possible. i changed into my comfiest sweats, put on my most uplifting diffuser scents, and canceled my plans for the evening to lay on the couch and have the world’s hottest bath.

what are you up to this weekend?

  • I’ve been listening to the Paste Magazine session of And Then Some acoustic on repeat all morning. I’m in love.

    weekend = books, mags, maybe pluck my unibrow, big sale at the body shop this afternoon, baseball, not talk to anyone, no bra, hang outside (maybe wearing undergarments), perhaps a long walk on Sunday morning since it’ll be cool for onedayonly! All good things.

    The best thing to come out of my anxiety attacks last Fall was the ability to notice the signs, and now when I feel one creeping up I know to go somewhere quiet, don’t lie down (harder to breathe for some reason), put some soft music on, and take very, very deep slow breaths.

  • Becky @

    I love your artwork.
    Glad you had a good time at XFest. I would have loved to see the Lumineers. I think puppies make everything better.

    This weekend I’m headed north for a wedding. I’m kind of excited to experience a traditional Indian wedding!

  • Temporary dogs are the best kind! ;) I’m not sure I ever want the responsibility of owning a dog again, but I like the idea of pet sitting or fostering.

    I love your art work too! I *need* to know where the photo of the ballerina is from?!