casual fridays.


sadly, these roses were not for me. but i did get to look at them for a long time at a really fun estee lauder fall product launch event i went to.

they aren’t my favourite flower by any means, but i’d buy myself some roses if they weren’t so expensive. flowers in general are very expensive in calgary. like, really ugly and small bouquets of wildflowers are $30 at the grocery store. as much as i blame the retailer, i blame the consumer who is actually stupid enough to buy them.

i may have mentioned once or twice or seven thousand times that being back on the birth control pill is making me exceptionally crazy. still no change. i took a mental health day on monday and filled it with a lot of great things that mellow me out, like: reiki, therapy and a float. and ice cream. oh, and i had an incredible nap. it was a good day, but an emotional day. sometimes a truck hits you and you have to find a way to stay on your feet.

but since there is currently no end in sight for the crazy (the pills have one more month to get their act together or GTFO), here is my ode to birth control aka my pro and con list:

con: crazy.
pro: regular periods again, for the first time since the last time i was on the pill.
con: really bad cramps every month due to said regular periods.
pro: no babies.
con: doesn’t matter because it would be jesus 2.0 if a baby were the case.
pro: clearer skin (kinda).
con: i have an alarm in my phone for 9 a.m. every day.
pro: can decrease ovarian cyst size.
con: extra monthly cost.
pro: i’ve run out of good things.
con: have i mentioned crazy?

i’m working for the weekend and mixing in the zoo tonight for illuminasia, a friendsgiving dinner saturday, and visiting with a friend who is in town for work on sunday. busy but fun!

what’s up for the weekend?