casual fridays.


do nice things for people without expecting anything in return. these actions were the best choices i’ve made this week.

tonight i’m checking out the Rocky Mountain Food & Wine Show with Erin before we meet up with Kenzie to carve pumpkins, watch halloween movies (Casper, duh) and eat snacks. then i’ll hide while they watch horror movies. read: i’ll probably cry because i’m such a scardy cat.

the rest of the weekend will revolve around playoff baseball, because my blue jays are back in the ALCS. i do love that i have a lot of friends here that are from ontario, so a housewarming party has turned into a jays viewing party – suggested by the host.

sister is in chicago for a few days, and i’m so excited for her. i can’t wait to stay in the know by following her instagram, and then get a phone call that last for hours once she’s home to let me know all about it. we had one of those calls last weekend; it was my favourite part of the holiday. because broken homes don’t make for great, happy holidays.

i’m in need of long conversations and a great deal of eye contact. maybe some hand holding. please introduce me to great humans.

if you’re in calgary this weekend, you should go to the zoo to see illuminasia.

thank you to everyone who reached out to me and let me know that they chatted with a friend, took time for self care, or spent the time to learn about mental health. you’re amazing.

what’s up with you?