casual fridays.


i went to the opening of the new Mill St. Brewery in calgary last night. it delightfully reminded me of being in the distillery district back home, walking the brick streets, window shopping and popping into the restaurants for a nibble or a sip. located in the old Costigan House on 17th avenue – think tequila or rebuplik nightclub for the locals. the newly renovated building still has a classic touch thanks to the light brick and a modern touch from tons of glass. it will be the perfect space for anyone headed to and from a Flames game, or wandering around 17th looking for a new watering hole. become a regular now, since i feel like it will be packed all summer thanks to their huge outdoor patio.

i’ve also been around a lot of beautiful flowers this week. i got mary and her mother-in-law a gorgeous bouquet on wednesday from a newly-discovered floral shop in eau claire, and took an arrangement home with me on monday from a dinner. fuelled by a lot of gin, and a little confidence, i snatched the flowers from their vase. they are now on my coffee table. it’s like a wedding right? someone gets to leave with a centerpiece? this one is actually more gorgeous than any table decoration i’ve been forced to take home with me.

things i care about right now:

  1. real interaction. i’ve already had three girlfriend catch ups this week, and get another one tonight. being able to sit across from the special people in my life and have a true, meaningful conversation filled with more than “i’m good, how’s work?” fluff really makes me soar. i am proud to have these intelligent, funny, loving, driven women in my inner circle.
  2. passion. passion is really sexy to me right now, too.

this week has been go-go-go, with two events and two friend nights – i have two more events tonight. i know, i sound like an asshole. it’s fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also tiring. this weekend after weekend work, i’ll be a hermit; me + my couch = love. throw in a nap, and it’s a threesome i can get behind.

what’s up for the weekend?