casual fridays.


after last week’s craziness, i promised myself that this week i wouldn’t do anything. oops. while i haven’t committed to as much, i still had a busy few nights of girl time. always rewarding, but not always relaxing.

i finally got to see julie again – and her blush coloured muppet coat that i quickly became obsessed with. a few months is far too long between visits. her only request? yummy snacks! we decided on ricardo’s hideaway – a rum bar with a caribbean flare – because they have cheese empanadas on the menu that she swears by. let me tell you: rave-about worthy. but really, if you don’t like cheese mixed with carbs, i don’t want to be your friend. we also got plantain chips, and a delicious cocktail, and spent five hours catching up on life and giggling. those are my favourite nights – quality time is my number one.

last night i went over to erin’s and we made dinner, ate poutine chips (kinda weird tasting), watched sausage party and cuddled with the cutest little ewok-looking pup. more giggles. her man made us a fire, and we chatted about what they were doing for halloween.

i’m not much of a halloween person. i was always much more fond of dressing up in my mom’s fancy 80s dresses, heels and costume jewelry on a random tuesday, than i was picking a halloween costume. except for when i was miss piggy. i will dress up like miss piggy every year – but that’s basically just the fancy 80s dresses, heels, jewelry all over again. sister just wrote about that she thought vampires came to suck your blood on oct 31 (a story i never knew about). me, on the other hand, believed that edward scissorhands lived in our basement behind the pool table every day of the year. also, that he was terrifying. you may have guessed, horror movies weren’t a thing in the bridgman household – still aren’t. we’re afraid of our own imagination.

i’m looking forward to doing absolutely nothing this weekend. but actually. not pretend no plans like last weekend. plus, if i want to avoid the halloween sluttiness, i’m going to need to stay locked up in my safe space.

keep your fingers crossed that i don’t run in to any strange men who decide to yell stuff at me tomorrow – i am starting to really dread saturday mornings.

what are you doing this weekend?