part and parcel: tanya.

being in a creative industry opens doors to meet many other young creatives that are putting their passions into actions. in those top rungs of my i’m-so-impressed talent ladder you’ll find Tanya. dynamo communications professional, down to earth and sweet human, oh so incredibly stylish, just to name a few.

her passion in action: Fond Boutique.

Fond, a mobile boutique, was inspired by a passion for sifting through thrift shops in search of overlooked treasures, and a love for creativity through style and self-expression, without the price tag. Tanya’s side hustle is driven by the philosophy of style, delivering a curated selection of chic, timeless, pre-worn clothing, shoes and accessories.

and lucky for us, she poured out her purse so we can steal some of her essentials.


neals yard remedies canada beauty balm

multipurpose and soothing, the WRBB works wonders to keep my paws moisturized while i’m filing through clothing racks. NYR is a go-to for skin care, and sits directly across from my building. it’s dangerous. (laura’s note: i’ve raved about this balm/cream/magic before, too. it’s incredible.)

moleskine planner

i’m a girl lost without my lists! the moleskine line has changed my life and drastically improved my tendency for tardiness.

vintage silver cigarette case

this prized find was found while antique hunting and then repurposed as a wallet. it’s sleek and minimalist, to a point where it won’t close if i’m packing too many receipts. it keeps me honest.

lip medex balm

lipstick is somewhat aspirational for me, and i haven’t met another balm that provides a dependable gloss, moisture and shine like this one does. thanks to lip medex, i haven’t had chaps since 2002, but go into panic mode if i run out – i’m completely addicted.

aesop vetiver root & zinc deodorant spray

aesop is a game changer in the body care world and this stuff smells so good i sometimes use it as perfume…improvisation is key!

what are a few of your essentials?