world mental health day.


today is world mental health day.

unlike the highly marketed “Bell let’s talk day”, this worldwide acknowledged day doesn’t want you to tweet or text your friends to raise money. instead, it wants you to check in with yourself and loved ones to see how they are doing. how they are really doing. not the casual “how are you?” we always ask at the beginning of a conversation but rarely listen, let alone care to hear what the answer is.

i challenge you to ask and care. and listen. reach out to a friend that you may not have spoken to in a while, or one that you think might need a little bit of extra care today. someone that needs to know they are on your mind. that you care that they occupy space.

if you’re reading this and having a tough time: i’m here for you. i relate to you. i cry alongside you.

i often wonder what it would be like if the dark cloud of depression didn’t follow me around, if my brain didn’t always work overtime to flood my mind with anxiety, if picturing harming myself wasn’t a thing. what would it be like to be “normal”?

for me, it all boils down to self-worth. what if i thought i was good enough? gosh, what if i liked myself?

“when i’m skinny…”

“when i’m more successful…”

“when i’m (insert every other excuse here)…”

but here’s the thing, two years ago i starved myself into skinny jeans and tiny dresses and a socially acceptable size. i was complimented on my physical appearance almost daily, and i was still no better off. so maybe happiness has nothing to do with how much you weight. but don’t tell every fad diet, women’s magazine, MLM scheme, because that’s the only way they survive.

and while giving in to the thoughts and sadness and destruction of your mental health concerns seems like the easiest thing to do, i challenge you to continue doing the work. and i will, too. i’ll work with my team of practitioners to keep my head above water. i’ll cry when i need to. and i’ll continue to use every CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) skill i’ve learned over the years of counselling to make each moment better.

because i’m worth it. and you’re worth it.

and as today is thanksgiving, too, i wish that you be surrounded by love as you reflect on all you’re thankful for. because at times when it doesn’t seem like much, i promise you there is greatness and love in your life.

i love you.

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