casual fridays.


i hope you took some time today to stop and think about our veterans and those who have served and sacrificed for canada. i took my poppy out to bow valley provincial park with erin and her mum. we were the only ones on the trails and the peaceful beauty was the perfect spot to reflect on the day.

have you ever seen yamnuska look so beautiful? it was so proud, shining in the sun. speaking of the sun, can you believe i was hiking on november 11 in a t-shirt? it was such an incredible day in the rockies.

i cannot wait to get out again on sunday. i remarked to erin today that i love to hike because it doesn’t feel like exercise. i can often be left breathless, sweaty and in some pain, but i’ll happily do it over and over again with a smile on my face. if only all exercise could be so great!

the chinook weather has been playing with my head, though. oh the ache! no matter how much water, sleep, food, and advil i take, it seems to do nothing. i’ve been getting temporary relief by doing alternate nostril breathing aka nadi shodhana for all the yogi hippies out there. i swear i could write a book entitled “i’m trying not to be a hippie, but damn this shit works” or something like that. i think it would sell well, but the seo might not be the friendliest? for now, it’s breathing techniques, saje’s pep halo under my nose, and chugging lots of water until this thing decides to go way!

what are you up to for the weekend? did you have today as a holiday?