let me tell you ’bout my best friend.

i am the luckiest girl in the world because i was born having a best friend.

i had someone to look up to: an adorable human, with mom-cut bangs, to teach me the ins and outs.


she quickly passed on her love of bears, high-fashion overalls and general adorableness.

as we grew older she taught me how to set the table and how to do homework. she taught me the bus routes and even bravely sat in the car as i learned how to drive.

she laid in bed with me as i cried over a broken heart, let me call her at 2 a.m. to only “meow” in sadness on the line, and pet my hair just the way i like it to keep me calm and get me to drift to sleep.


she humoured my need to be the centre of attention, and danced with me on the fireplace every time i begged ordered her to. she was my favourite co-star and audience all in one.

no matter what, she always hugged me tight, held my hand to guide the way, and loved me in the deep, unconditional way only the best big sister could.


in the years that i’ve lived in calgary, we have somehow become closer. it doesn’t matter if we are 3,500km apart – we are inseparable. we crack the same jokes and buy the same clothes without knowing.

to know her is to experience her compassion and caring, and her continued determination to spread love and positivity, and be the best version of herself.

she has a brave and tough soul – even though she would never credit herself with that, i know better.

i am constantly in awe and proud to witness her step out of her comfort zone and climb mountains, both literally and figuratively.

and while i wish i could take credit for any of it – besides leading the way on the mountain trails – i know that it is her encouragement that allowed me to become the clumsy, adventurous risk-taker i am.


i guess what i’m trying to say is: happy birthday, sister! i love you and am so lucky to have you as mine.