casual fridays.


my holiday celebrating has officially started. sarah and i cozied up to the bar at frenchie wine bar last night. the secret love child of UNA pizza + wine (aka it’s hidden in the back), frenchie is a small 15 seat wine bar that features unique producers and a wine list that is continually curated by the knowledgeable serving team.

i left the ordering in our bartender’s hands after she casually mentioned her seven years of studying wine. she suggested we start with a brut rosé champagne – i liked this girl immediately –  while we looked over the menu. while happily sipping on bubbles, we decided on the meat and cheese board in order to try a little bit of everything. sarah can’t do cow’s milk, so she tried the sheep and goat’s cheeses, and i knew i needed to try the dragon’s breath blue cheese. we weren’t ask picky when it came to the meat, and tried a selection of charcuterie that was made in-house by empire provisions. for our meat and cheese course, sarah selected a red, and my wine expert chose a gewürztraminer – one of my favourite whites.

we sipped and nibbled and gabbed the night away. the intimate and interactive setting of frenchie was the perfect setting. i think it would make an incredible location for a date – dimly lit and cozy.

besides that, i’ve been doing a whole bunch of nothing this week because my car is in the mechanic and having to take transit means spending a lot of time outside in far below zero temperatures. i’m supposed to hear back on what’s up with my car – and how much it’s going to cost me – today, so hopefully i’ll be much more active soon. that, or the weather could just cooperate. i don’t want to grow a skin thick enough to deal well in feels like -30 weather. car troubles always leave me very stressed. it’s been a week!

how’s your week been?