casual fridays.


are you a gamer? erin and i went to visit the hexagon board game cafe and spent a few hours chatting with the owners while they taught us (mainly me) how to play some different card games. i will admit that i still have the stereotypical view of the gamer being some weirdo in their mom’s basement wearing a homemade cape while playing dungeons and dragons. and maybe there are some of those, but good on them for letting their flag fly.

i’ve never been too into games, which means i also need a lot of direction in playing new ones, since they all seem much more complicated than “candy land”. to ease me into it, we started with “sushi go”, and after the first round i knew what i was doing – plus dumplings and sushi with cute little cartoon faces will always hold my attention.

the hex (as us cool kids call it) has a ton of games that you can play that range from classics to new school. if you’re not into games, the bright space with large tables and free wifi is also a great place to do some work while sipping on a latte.

do you feel like this week has been crazy? work has exploded, which has caused me to cancel on a bunch of fun plans. with only a few days left in the office before my christmas vacation, i’m up to my ears with work for the new year. it’s like the fitness industry gets busy in january or something?!

speaking of vacation, i really cannot wait until i see sister! the rest i really don’t care about, and i’ve been having a hard time nailing down any plans. right now all i want to do is wear ugly, baggy sweats and watch all of our traditional christmas movies, while i get to chat with alli.

i have a bunch of errands to do this weekend, and should probably think about packing!

what are you up to this weekend?