casual fridays.


happy Friday, ya’ll!

i have an absolutely horrible time remembering what day of the week it is when i’m on vacation. i kept thinking it was thursday until sister asked me if i had written a blog post yet today. oopsies!

so here we are!

we are having an incredible time catching up, like when we talked about people who are the worst while we went for a walk through the park to get starbucks. you know, normal sister things. we get along the best because we hate the same people.

we spent the morning grocery shopping, making pierogi dough and filling – assembly comes after lunch – and sister made three loaves of christmas bread. the bridgmans go hard! no matter what city we’re in, it always feels special that we keep these same traditions.

and it’s not only food, we have some serious movie traditions: meet me in st. louis, white christmas, sound of music, the holiday, and muppet family christmas. they are watched on specific days, at specific times, too. i really haven’t smiled so big in a while. thanks to sister, it feels like home. being with her is my favourite ever.

merry christmas, my lovies!