casual fridays. 

i found this piece of graffiti while waking down the street. it reminds me of my loving and hilarious grandma, who adds extra a’s to a lot of her words. it must be the italian coming through. 

it’s been an incredibly busy few days running around toronto like a psychopath trying to visit grandma and all my girlfriends. 

after eating too much and hearing all the gossip at grandma’s, i jumped on the subway to meet up with Rebecca and Mary (and their respective plus ones) for dinner. i got to the neighbourhood early, so i killed time reading in reunion coffee in roncesvalles, eavesdropping on conversations between pages and sips. 

the truth is: i will judge you. and by the sounds of the two 20-year-olds beside me talking about living in Toronto (with all of the t’s pronunced) and New York City (yup, all three words), you can put money on them from being from Peterborough or Grimbsy, or the like. 

i smiled to my little judgemental self. ahhh, feels like home. then i walked quickly and crossed the road mid-street. i’m not sure i could be happier. 

i fifth wheeled at dinner, but as Jess said, “your date shall be the tiramisu (which is arguably better than most significant others).” she’s happily married, but understands what a good dessert can do for a girl. 

i can’t disagree, plus i make a pretty fantastic tag along. well, at least i did when i had more interesting stories to tell. i’ve been quite boring lately. 

the next days saw ramen with andrea, brunch with Sonja and drinks with Jenn, before i jumped back on the train and out of the city. 

great food, wine, more wine, more food, it feels like i do nothing but eat and talk while visiting. i’m not complaining, they are my two favourite activities. 

spending so much time with sister and these incredible ladies has me so heartsick. my soul knows when it’s at home – in the peacefulness of the mountains and the craziness of toronto.