squeaky clean.

there are few things better than returning from vacation to a sparkling clean condo knowing that you don’t have any housework to do before real life begins again. well, expect maybe a few loads of laundry.

unlike my friend and old roommate, katey, i don’t really enjoy the act of cleaning – i’d just like things to magically clean themselves. sadly, if you want the results you have to put in the work (deep; life lesson).

unnamed i made my checklist: i’ll need to scrub the bathtub and clean the oven. i’ll have to vacuum the shag rug 900 times (don’t get a shag rug, they shed so much!), dust all the shelves, and the kitchen could use a deep clean. it needs to get done, but so does all the work and the life things, like volunteering and gift buying.

then i said a silent little prayer that the birds and mice from cinderella would show up at my condo.

and that’s when Mad Maids came into my life and i jumped at the chance to leave it to the professionals. not quite magical cartoon characters, but close enough – and probably better at the task at hand.


a lovely couple arrived at my place too early sunday morning to get to work. i offered up my cleaning products, broom and vacuum, but they brought everything with them (and more). after a quick little tour around my condo – and i mean quick, it’s 650 sq.ft., and you can see all the rooms from the front door – i headed out to philosafy for a morning of coffee and writing.


it’s such a great feeling to leave your condo knowing when you arrive back it will be clean, and done much better than you could or would do.

about two hours later, i got a text saying they were just finishing up. getting off the elevator i could already smell the clean – it smells like lemon, vinegar and happiness. i was so impressed; the sinks were sparkling and it somehow looked bigger. i expected it to be clean, but i didn’t expect my bed to be remade so perfectly, and the inside of my microwave scrubbed.

i love my little condo on the regular, but that much more when it’s looking all shiny and new. the few days leading up to christmas vacation are always a stressful whirlwind for me, so it felt great to cross something off my to-do list. even better that it required no effort on my part. all i have left to do is pack (and so much work).


if you want to put a big smile on someone’s face this holiday, Mad Maids has gift cards available for their incredible flat-rate services.

do you like cleaning? have you had your house professionally cleaned?

thanks Mad Maids Cleaning for making this post, and my squeaky clean condo possible.