casual fridays.


sister bought a condo! this is really the most exciting news of the year so far. i kept my fingers crossed the whole day on tuesday while she was viewing it, putting in an offer, and waiting to hear back. i’m so excited for her. mostly because when i go bankrupt for whatever reason, i will live with her in her pretty new condo. it makes me daydream of decorating, but there really isn’t much for me to do in my apartment and i’m trying not to collect more nicknacks. i do need new bedding, though. so that will be my next pretty challenge.

i have been some version of sick for all of 2017. it started with the flu, a perforated eardrum, a cold, and the cough still hasn’t disappeared. today my tongue feels swollen, which is a terrible feeling. there has been a lot of rest happening, which my body has been very thankful for. it’s also been full of marathoning Cooking Channel and movies with BlueSky TV. i went from no cable to the fanciest TV experience in Canada thanks to Shaw. when i’m lost at what to watch i just ask my remote and it gives me suggestions. it’s a crazy futuristic world out there. i’ve never felt so bonded with my couch.

i’ve also done a lot of fitness things recently, which have been a bit tricky due to sickness, but maybe it’s helped me sweat it all out (?). it’s been all over the map, too: lagree, hiit, boxing, yoga, and Jess’s incredible spin class.

i’m going snowshoeing for the first time this weekend at lake louise. it will be so dreamy! i love louise at all times of the year, but the way the snow collects on the trees and makes everything sparkly is just too incredible for words in the winter. i hear snowshoeing is just like walking, so that makes me more comfortable at trying new things that i’m convinced i’ll look foolish doing.

what are your weekend plans? have any snowshoe tips for me?