lagree method.

how could i let a january pass without talking about fitness? resolutions and stuff, right? “this year will be different.” and “new year, new me.” and all that junk. very unrelated to resolutions, i have been impressed by my adventurous spirt so far this year/month in trying numerous different kinds of fitness classes.

it all started at Lagree YYC, with a private class for blog squad and a few of my girlfriends. it was what we all needed after a lovely and lazy christmas break.

haven’t heard of Lagree? created in 2001, it is a low-impact, core-strengthening, calorie-burning workout designed for full body conditioning. the workout revolves around Lagree’s revolutionary Megaformer – think a pilates reformer on steroids, or a spring-loaded table.

each class in 45 minutes and delivers a unique fitness experience that burns out the large muscle groups in order to work on strengthening the little stabilizer muscles that you’ve never used before.


the class started with our instructor Natascha introducing us to the megaformer and it’s many moving parts. we then put on our class-mandatory grippy socks, jumped into the workout and dove straight to core.

this is possibly the most intimidating way to start a workout when you do not have a strong core (at all), but Natascha explained that every exercise we’d do would involve core strength, so i had better get used to it fast. we did a collection of ab exercises, while i silently wished for leg exercises.


when they finally came, we twisted our body into some strange positions, like spider kicks pictured above, and used the main sliding section of the megaformer to exhaust our legs and make them shake uncontrollably. depending on our personal strength, we could adjust the megaformer’s resistance by adding or dropping the weight levers on the apparatus to make the exercises more or less challenging.


each move was done in a slow four count – four seconds out, four seconds in, and repeat. these moves are not in time with the music playing, which was confusing for me. i come from a dance background, so i like to have everything properly choreographed to music. instead, we worked on our own time, and Natascha reminded us all to slow down and work through our full range of motion.

we rounded out the workout with upper body and stretching. by the end of the 45 minutes, i was surprised i could stand of my own will, and my arms were shaking as i was trying to hold my water bottle.


Lagree suggest you do the workout two to three times a week, so you can properly rest your body in between, and cross train with cardio, and other forms of fitness. if you did this, i’m a firm believer that you’ll be incredibly fit in no time. i found that is was an effective full body workout that i felt for days afterwards, especially in my core and inner thighs.

your first class is free, and they offer an unlimited introductory week for $50. after that, the classes can get rather pricey with a drop-in being $35. a membership would be more cost effective. personally, if i were to commit to Lagree, it could be the only gym membership i had, since it is on the high end of my fitness budget.

let’s keep it simple:

is it a good workout? yes!

is it for me? yes!

have you tried lagree method?