star light, star bright.

if there is a reason to celebrate, i’m always down for it. they are always the happiest moments and so full of love. i kinda love love. also, because it usually means cake of some sort (fingers crossed for cheesecake). i very much love cheesecake.

now that it’s happened, i can reveal what we did on saturday night for Katey’s engagement celebration!

since i moved to calgary, two other lovely ladies in our group have got engaged and each has had a special celebration planned for them. when Katey first text the gorgeous photo of her ring on christmas eve, i jumped straight into event planning, a skill we both hold dear – Katey more so, since she’s so incredibly organized (we found out she has the majority of the wedding planned already!). it had to be unique and intimate, it needed a classy atmosphere and still be quiet enough for great conversation.

after much deliberation, i made a reservation at 889 central lounge at the hotel le germain, with two bottles of brut rosé on ice. i think a good event takes the guess work out of most things. instead of searching through cocktail lists, just have a bottle of bubbles arrive at the table as soon as you’ve been seated. bonus points if it’s a pale pink hue, with delicate hints of cherry and strawberry. ultimately girlie.

another thought i had was to host the girls at my condo. if this were the case, i’d make a signature fancy cocktail. my choice? constellation by bombay sapphire. it combines three of my favourite beverages: earl grey, gin and bubbles. it’s definitely a cocktail for an evening of refined celebration.

star of bombay constellation


  • 1 part star of bombay gin
  • 0.5 parts fresh lemon juice
  • 0.5 parts earl grey tea simple syrup (1 tea bag per 250 ml, 1:1 sugar water)
  • 1 teaspoon st. germain liqueur
  • 2 parts prosecco
  • lavender


  1. shake the gin with the lemon juice, tea simple syrup and st. germain with ice and fine strain.
  2. pour shaken and strained mixture into a chilled champagne flute.
  3. add the prosecco over a bar spoon or by tilting the glass.
  4. garnish with lavender

cheers to love!

recipe courtesy of bombay sapphire.