casual fridays.


last weekend’s snowshoe adventure was not completely successful. there hadn’t been new snow in a while at lake louise, which means the trail was very packed down eliminating the need for snowshoes. we just hiked it instead. my first experience with snowshoeing will have to wait. maybe at the end of this month with the alberta adventure girls. even though my snowshoe hopes were crushed, it was still an incredibly gorgeous hike to the fairview lookout, and it has me itching for summer where i may attempt the fairview summit. i need to spend my life on the stepmill in preparation for all of my summer adventures.

i stopped into the grocery store this morning to get tupperware – because why wouldn’t you do that at 7 a.m. on a friday – and saw a large, cheerful display of tulips. they looked so happy and sweet and have me hopeful for spring ahead of another cold snap here in calgary.

have i mentioned how amazing it is to not work weekends? i quit my weekend job at the end of last year and have thoroughly enjoyed all of my saturdays in 2017. having one job (+ blog, + freelance, + school) is incredibly relaxing and a lot of fun!

i’m the most excited for this saturday, because arkells are in town and i’m very ready to sing and dance and smile like a goof all day with jess. there is no way you can’t be happy with those men around. we went to our first arkells concert together last january and had such a great time we decided to fly to seattle to see them play in april, and then went again in september when they came back to calgary for x-fest. this concert might put me in the double digits of times i’ve seen them? maybe i’m already there? i can’t fully remember them all. i’m still trying to plan an outfit, shopping may be involved. pray for me – or suggest flattering ideas.

on the annoying side of things: i’m on two types of medication that as a great side affect are supposed to make my skin great, but i actually think my complexion has got worse. dull, acne, more acne. i just increased my dosage two weeks ago, and know my body needs time to get used to it, but if my face could clean up that would be really swell. i booked a facial this evening to hopefully help with a bit of the situation. plus, i’m excited to lay still for 75 minutes and have someone be nice to me.

what’s up for your weekend?