casual fridays.


i made a dream catcher when i was little and i’ve always loved the idea of them. these gorgeous ones drape the wall at junction 9 yoga and pilates studio, which might just be the more beautifully decorated space i’ve seen. i saw them a few weeks ago when i was there for a yin class, and i’ve been thinking of them ever since. i think i need to make another one…or buy a cute one on etsy, since they’ll be so much greater than what i can do.

this week has been an interesting one to say the least. coming down off a concert high is always the worst feeling, mix it with freezing temperatures and a ton of snow and it’s a hangover that last for days.

have the ghosts from your lovers past come back to haunt anyone else lately? maybe it’s because valentine’s day is so soon and everyone is lonely or desperate or something? don’t get me wrong, some attention is nice – i was suffering from incredible attention withdrawal last week – but it’s a little strange. catching up with someone i went on dates with in 2010 has been…something.

i have no strong feelings about valentine’s day this year. usually it is met with hate, a little jealousy, but mostly an overwhelming feeling that people are incredibly stupid for expecting/purchasing $44 roses from the grocery store. PSA: they are regularly priced at $19. i will, though, put up the adorable pompom garland that sister made for me, and i might even walk across the street to the lindt store and buy myself a few different flavours of individually packaged chocolate truffles.

the last lady in our group of girlfriends (me not included) has got engaged! well, on december 24 she got engaged. we are all so excited for Katey and David and tomorrow we celebrate. i’ve planned a little surprise, along with the four other gals, for our little group – i’ll tell you what it is next week. as i said, surprise!

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what are you up to this weekend?

  • Becky @

    I’m always very meh about Valentine’s Day. I don’t care for it, but I’m not going to hate on it. It’s just a day.

    This weekend is Liam’s bff’s birthday party and visiting my grandma who also just celebrated a birthday. I’m welcoming the warmer weather with open arms.

    • right?! i’m so happy to not be an icicle anymore.

  • post-concert sads is so real. and so sad.
    i watched house of strombo last night to combat it.