casual fridays.

it’s true, i’ll always take the side of tea in any argument. once you treat me nicer than an a london fog, we’ll talk.

i got sick again. my immune system is really trying to show 2017 that it’s boss. a cold this time. but actually, where does all the phlegm come from? i haven’t been able to be two feet from tissues since saturday.

sadly, this put a damper on monday’s plans of a surprise going away dinner for Leslie with the blog squad girls. i was there for the surprise and to say hello and goodbye, but with two pregnant ladies, a new born and new mama at the table, i wasn’t going to risk getting anyone sick. Texas will be an incredible place to live, but we’ll all miss Leslie in calgary.

this week’s abnormally high temperatures has me craving spring. we’ve had a lot of cold snaps and snow in calgary this winter, and the opportunities to walk everywhere without 19 layers on has been few and far between. it was 15 degrees yesterday. i walked to the dentist, down 17th to get coffee, and back home to open all of the windows in my condo. it’s so much easier to be happy with a warm breeze and sunshine filling your living space.

after doing all my dishes, taking out the garbage and breaking down and sorting the recycling last night (so productive) i wrote out a meal plan and grocery list for next week. guess grocery shopping is in my future; my least favourite part. i need to try to hit this sickness from every angle possible, and healthy nourishing food never seems to hurt. in reality, i’m only craving ice cream, but haven’t eaten any, because phlegm.

i’m meeting up with heather tomorrow for drake yoga. it’s pretty silly how excited we are for this, but drake, hip-hop and yoga all in one – followed by brunch – is something to get giddy over. *drizzy prayer hands*

other than that, i don’t have any plans for the long weekend here in alberta (and some other provinces). if i can breathe i’ll head to jess’s spin class on sunday.

what’s up for the weekend?!