casual fridays.

i went boxing at UNDRCARD studio last night with the blog squad girls and Jess. it’s a super fun workout; i really enjoy punching things and getting my aggression out. sadly, i threw a funny punch near the beginning of the class and feel like i’ve broken my hand. i’m sure it’s just a sprain or something, but i’m having a horrendous time using my right hand. it’s swollen and bruised, and if this pain keeps up i’ll get some x-rays done to make sure i didn’t do anything serious. leave it to me to be ultimately clumsy.

i’ve always known hands are kind of important, but once you’ve hurt your dominant hand, you don’t really realize how many mindless things you do with it. regularly simple things like doing up my bra, pulling up my pants, and blowing my nose have all been much more difficult this morning. i do love putting pen to paper, but at this time i’m much happier that technology has taken over. i can still type slowly, but trying to hold a pen has been a challenge.

more important news of the day: sister gets the keys to her condo! i’m so excited for her. it’s been a year and a half in the making! i’m sad i can’t be at home to help her paint, like i did for her first place, but i’m really pumped to see it in may when i’m home for a visit.

oh ya, i booked a flight to go home for a week in may over the long weekend! i’ve got a good dose of toronto homesickness happening, so may can’t come soon enough.

don’t have many plans for the weekend, which is good because i feel like i haven’t slept at all this week. i get to see Erin’s new place, and try a brunch place up in the northwest by her that i’ve been wanting to go to for a while – i just never had a reason to drive that far for brunch before.

what’s up this weekend?

  • We’ll be in TO at the same time – I’ll be there for Ragnar over that weekend.
    I really hope your hand is just being a butt and magically corrects itself :(

  • Oh no, hope your hand is okay! I’m sad that I missed the class last night

  • Jen Rawson @ Pretty Little Gru

    I hope your hand settles down. I can’t believe that happened!

  • Becky @

    Bummer about your hand. Hopefully it’s not serious. I can totally see how boxing can lead to serious injuries fast. I threw a funny punch at 9Round a couple months ago that definitely did not feel good. Hope you enjoy your weekend <3

  • but you didn’t break your hand…so there’s that.

  • Oh I had no idea you hurt your hand that night!! Shit, that sucks! I hope you’re feeling better. Jim hurt his arm the other week after chipping away at the ice built up on our driveway and got tendonitis in it. He literally couldn’t move his arm or use it all for several days. It was his right hand too. It was amazing what he couldn’t do for himself during that time (or for me!) so I hear ya on all that. xo

  • justinandalison

    Oh my gosh! I hope your hand is feeling better!! :(