feeling wild.

with these frigidly cold temperatures i’ve been experiencing a bit of cabin fever. while i love the relationship i’m forming with my couch, the inability to head out of the house without freezing is making me a little crazy.

thankfully there is a break in sight. where to next?

my last little adventure brought me to the ever-gorgeous lake louise to snowshoe with erin, amanda and their mums.


the original plan was to snowshoe, but when we arrived the trail was so packed down, we could just walk it. i haven’t been on a mountain adventure since november, which means my lungs were burning right from the start. thankfully our end point was just under 2km away. i’ve never headed to the left of the lake, but on the way up fairview mountain there is a lookout point that gives you a clear view of the lake, chateau, and horizon full of rockies.


that view is worth every ouch of effort my out of shape ass exerted.

i had felt a little off that morning, so i didn’t want to eat breakfast and upset my tummy. instead i popped a bottle of wild tea kombucha in my bag along side a cliff bar i got in my christmas stocking.

while it has built a cult following among health nuts, kombucha is fairly new to the general public. don’t know much about it? in simple terms, kombucha is a naturally energizing, lightly effervescent fermented tea. and it’s much more delicious than it sounds.


like yogurt and sauerkraut, kombucha is a fermented food that helps with gut health problems – a rising issue with many. chug it back and it gets to work fighting the “bad” yeast in your gut candida. if you start with a ¼ a cup in the morning followed by lots of water, your tummy will thank you!

wild tea is not a heavily carbonated kombucha – some can be almost pop-like – which made it easier to keep in my backpack without fear that it was going to explode. with flavours like strawberry daiquiri and pineapple mojito, there is a flavour for everyone from purists to newbies. i’m often partial to ginger, but my favour from wild tea is hard lime. i can also appreciate that they use fresh pressed juice instead of concentrates or fake flavourings.


for those who may favour a more “adult” kombucha, yesterday wild tea kombucha and wild rose brewery launched their limited edition “blushing brew” just in time for valentine’s day. the blend is a combination of hibiscus, rose petal and juniper berry kombucha with cowbell sour (beer) which makes a colourful, drinkable and unique brew. the result is a flavour that is a bit tart, has a nice earthy tone with a touch of sweetness. a healthier alternative than regular beer, the kombucha adds probiotics and digestive enzymes that help maintain a healthy gut.

blushing brew is only available in draft form in calgary in limited quantities. for the full list of restaurants carrying blushing brew visit their websites at wildsparklingtea.com and wildrosebrewery.com.


want to mix your own blushing brew cocktail – along with sampling a bunch of other wild tea flavours? i’ve got you, girl!


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