casual fridays.

i’ve been daydreaming about filling my entire apartment with flowers. my living room is so bright and airy, it’s so welcoming of plant life. i have two plants and a cactus and almost bought 17 teeny succulents in little pots yesterday from the market. if i have any secret admirers, message sister for my address and feel free to send along beautiful blooms.

tangentially, if this rich individual would also like to buy me a new car and pay for my adult braces (which i might need), that would be really neat.

on the flower note, i really can’t wait for spring and all of the wildflowers to be in bloom. so many hiking plans, and with my full weekends free i actually have the time to enjoy allthemountains!

follow-up from last week: i sprained a few ligaments down the pointer finger/thumb side of my hand, but the good news is that i didn’t break anything in my hand says the x-ray. the pain is pretty strong, but the swelling is going down. my paw is multi-coloured, but i know it’s healing. i’ll be back to boxing in no time.

are you noticing people are becoming oversensitive about, well, everything? i mentioned a general company policy to someone on instagram the other day (from the work account) and they responded back to tell me how attacked and hurt they felt by that. i could only shake my head.

the skin on my face is so ridiculously dry, no matter how much moisturizer i put on. someone help! i’ve been trying to fix it, and then a report on 660 news radio this morning talked about how dry skin makes your skin age faster, and i freaked out a little in my car. there was a great deal of rearview mirror glancing at my dry, flaky forehead.

this weekend we’ll be celebrating Jen’s 30th and sunday is full of fitness plans. i’ll be the one in the corner protecting my mitt.

what’s up for the weekend?

  • …and then you also remembered succulents are kind of strange and didn’t buy them. But a living room full of fresh flowers (not daisies, Lorelai Gilmore) would be bbmhearteyes.
    Good to hear you are healing.
    And yah, shove off gym chick; the policy is for everyone, sorrynotsorry you are feeling personally attacked by it.

  • Becky @

    I’m so mad at myself for not throwing in a $3 bundle of tulips into my click and collect order this week.
    Also, yes to the dry skin. My scalp right now is the WORST and is trickling down the rest of my face. Even poor Liam’s hands and arms feel like alligator skin. I want summer now please.
    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!!