casual fridays.

living alone is great. it really is one of my favourite things. i’ve commented to a few friends lately that one of my biggest fears about a serious relationship is learning how to cohabitate again – saying that, i would like someone to split the rent with. one thing i have also realized that i’m missing from living alone and being single is touch. if you know me, you know i’m a touchy person. i want to hold everyone’s hand. but in the society we live in, touching is not a common practice; it’s reserved to only your significant other. i went for lunch with two girlfriends on tuesday and the friend on my side of the booth began to rub my back. i was in immediate shock and holding back tears. it was a really nice feeling, and one that i haven’t experienced in quite a while.

speaking of tears – because that’s what we do around these parts – i decided to look at the AARCS website on the weekend, and cried over all the puppies that are looking to be adopted.

did you know that march 20 is the international day of happiness? that’s monday! to celebrate MindWell-U is giving away 10 free spots in the science-based 30-day mindfulness challenge if you tweet them and tell them what you’re thankful for. their evidence-based approach is said to lead to less stress, more joy and peak performance. sounds pretty great to me. i’m always a firm believer of the universe giving me signs and lately, i’ve been looking into meditation and mindfulness as a way of working with anxiety, and then i find out about this. thanks, U! you’ve always got my back. there is a meditation studio that just opened a few blocks from my condo that i want to try out as a complement to the stuff i do on my own.

my hand is almost healed. it’s not a constant nuisance anymore and i can do progressively more things with it. we’re at three weeks. i think i can get back to fitness things that involve my hand, but should probably try a few pushups or planks at home before i go full bore.

i’m not too big on st. patrick’s day. instead, my plans today will be avoiding those partaking in heavy alcohol consumption. so, like, groceries and maybe ikea. the museum is free on sunday for some reason, so i think i’ll be taking myself out on an afternoon date.

oh and studying and assignment writing. i’m really happy that i have less than a month left of school.

what’s up this weekend?

  • Becky @

    I’m with you on cohabitation fears. I did not do well with roommates in college and only ever briefly lived with one boyfriend (Liam’s dad) and that didn’t go well. I need to find a future husband who’s ok with separate bedrooms and who can split the mortgage on a house big enough that we can have plenty of our own space.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  • I was just thinking about the touch thing the other day – probably while crying.
    9 days till yyc – i will pet your hair as much as you want! yaaaay.
    don’t think I have anything this weekend. Sven + libs book!

  • I’m hopeful that should I choose to cohabitate that person won’t annoy me because I never did well with roommates. And they’d also best like cats.

  • My St. Paddy’s Day consisted of going to Michaels after work and then the gym. Party on, Wayne. Also, fear of cohabitation as well for the aforementioned reasons.

  • If you ever need some extra touching, come on over and Sully will climb ALL over you! ;) sometimes it feels really good, *almost* like a bad, Swedish massage ;) lol