barre star.

growing up in dance, the studio was the spot where i continually went to to feel free and empowered. to this day, if i have the opportunity to be in an empty studio, i’ll put on music and break into free movement dance until i’m sweaty and smiling ear to ear…and most likely crying, because that’s what we do around here. there were many times when i was alone working at the yoga studio that i would do this. it really makes me feel like me.

putting my hand on a ballet barre is going home.

for these reasons, i have been on board from the beginning of the barre fitness movement. the first that i knew of in calgary was Barre Body Studio in ramsy. so when they invited us to take a class, i was the first in line; i hadn’t pliéd in a long while.

the two-studio space is bright and airy, with beautiful wood floors, exposed brick walls and the funkiest light fixtures. we moved into the smaller studio for our class, and when i saw all of the accessories Lanette had laid out for us, i knew we’d be in for quite a challenging workout.

a traditional class begins with a warm-up in the middle of the room, followed by a few weight tracks to burn out every little muscle possible in your upper extremities. from there, you move to the bar to do a series of pliés to have your legs feeling the same way as your arms. there are a few cardio bursts built in to get your heart racing. you’ll then move to the floor to burn out your abs, but thankfully you’re already on the ground and finish the class sprawled out. or, instead of starfish-ing, join in as everyone else stretches.

the muscle shakes and burn will play mind games with you, and all you’ll want to do is drop your arms, or come out of your plié. when you finally get to, you’ll feel like you just saved your own life.

for a better understanding of what goes on in your mind during a barre class check out the 57 things i think in barre class.

the class Lanette planned for us followed most of this general plan, but focused more on strength than it did on pliés. with bands around our thighs and balls between our knees, we bent into chair pose, and attitudes. “where were the pilés?” i kept thinking to myself.

i was bummed not to have more of a traditional dance-based class since that’s my favourite reason to take this type of fitness class. i think this ballerina needs to get herself into an actual dance class, or more of a traditional barre class.

the fine print:

if you’re new to the studio, their one month unlimited intro special is $65. a drop in is $25, and they also offer punch passes and memberships. you’ll also need a pair of grip socks which average about $15 depending on the style you buy. you can forget your locker, because their lockers have keys. creams and deodorant are also offered if you forget yours. they have a second location in calgary on bow trail that i haven’t been to, but it looks just as lovely. there are also two spots in edmonton.

let’s keep it simple:

is it a good workout? yes.

is it for me? yes.

for $10 off either a 10-card pass or 1-month new client intro at barre body studio, use the code: SASS10

are you a barre star?