casual fridays.

as much as i love routine, it can put me in a sour mood if i don’t get a break every so often. doing the same thing day in and day out is very taxing on my energy and excitement for life. it’s definitely where i found myself just a few weeks ago. it was nice knowing i had a week off and lots of sister time.

i miss toronto in the most visceral way most days, but it’s even stronger after a great visit. usually when i head home it’s a whirlwind of commuting between family and friends in multiple different cities in southwestern ontario. this time i drastically reduced the number of visits i was going to entertain and greatly benefited from it. i had a good amount (there is never enough) of sister time and got to spend a few hours with grandma. she even waited a whole five minutes before she grilled me on when i was moving home, and why i wasn’t married.

not only did i get more quality time with the incredible people in my life, i also got free hours to wander aimlessly in the city i love. i visited new spots and some of my old favourites, with my camera and a latte in hand. playing tourist in your own city is always fun. next time i’ll jump on a double decker red bus for a proper tour, and then go up the CN tower. it’s something i should probably do in calgary, too. might help me appreciate the city more. i have some ideas but “what to do in calgary” articles often include leaving calgary and going to the mountains, which doesn’t say much for the city.

i’m back now with a new appreciation for lots of things, and a very strong desire to wander in the sunshine and enjoy some mountain life. i’m only kicking around calgary for two weeks before i jet off again to meet sister in boston. sadly, after that, i don’t have any set plans yet for my next far-off adventure…but the strong potential of vegas in september for Katey’s bachelorette.

this weekend calls for laundry, grocery shopping, and a little fun – can’t go cold turkey on that.

what’s up for your weekend?