nothing but blue sky.

up until december, i had never owned a television. my parents had one and one was in the living room when i lived with roommates, but i had never purchased one of my own. that means for the last four years i’ve been tv-less; i had netflix on my ipad, what more could a girl need? (well, besides being able to watch the blue jays games, and food network for hours on end?)

though i will admit it has been misinterpreted some. “we can watch a movie at my place,” always seems like netflix & chill, because who takes an ipad seriously as a movie watching device for more than one person not on an airplane? no one! except for me. because i meant it.

now, i’m not trying to be all “holier than thou” about not owning a tv, i just had different priorities for my money. dinners out, entertainment, and anything social always took top billing. that lifestyle is a lot more expensive than a monthly cable bill. with trying to save money, i figured more nights in than out could help my wallet.

but how does one step back into the land of tv after being out of it so long? it’d be like Dorothy stepping into Oz. everything would now be in Technicolor, and remotes were confusing as hell.

that’s when i said hello BlueSkyTV by Shaw. literally. just press the button on the remote, say what you want, then see it. it’s voice-powered tv! i was able to find channels, shows, movies, actors and teams faster than ever and with zero remote fumbling.

as i mentioned, my television viewing wants formed a very small list. i’m a simple girl: i needed cooking channel, food network, and somewhere to watch baseball. movies on W and the occasional binge session of sex and the city on cosmo would round things out quite nicely.

that’s what i thought until i got the BlueSky TV remote into my paws. being able to search by favourite actor, or browse the “viewers also watched” section led me in a deep creep of shows, movies and actor profiles – think creeping your crush’s instagram and somehow ending up on drake’s personal trainer’s page (speaking from experience), but without the fear of accidentally liking a photo.

if something caught my interest that was on while i was out of the house, i’d simply record it. there is the ability to record and watch up to six shows at once, which was perfect for when i wanted to watch long island medium and record the oscars at the same time, or when the blue jays games start before i get home from work.

root, root, root for the home team aside, BlueSky TV is definitely made for the sports watcher. with a sidebar sports app available with the click of a button (C), you can see the scores and standings of every game playing that evening, and when you select a specific matchup you can access a multitude of player and team stats.

i love sports stats. putting together media guides with stats and records was one of my favourite parts of working in the sports world. needless to say, i’ve fallen down the rabbit hole with this app, too.

for those with kiddos: there are parental controls and a whole kids zone section. the voice remote allows kids to easily access their favourite show, too, so you don’t have to worry about finding paw patrol again.

thankfully, i haven’t got pulled into too much mindless television. i will say, though, that there are a plethora of channels i’ve never watched and some really bad programs on tv. why does everything have to be a reality show? why can’t characters be developed and written with substance? it’s just drama and stupidity. it can be quite silly to have hundreds of channels at one’s disposal and still not have anything to watch. this is when i’m really thankful for the PVR abilities and i can just watch something i’ve recorded instead.

thanks Shaw for making this blog post and the last six months of tv binging possible.