on the way up.

i get nostalgic about many things and am sentimental for old memories. even though i have only been a handful of times, summer just doesn’t seem complete without a trip to the drive-in. (this is probably where i’m mixing up my life with that of Sandy in Grease.) and while i’ve been a solo-protestor for a drive-in movie theatre in calgary, it’s not working.

the good news is there are movies in the park. as the sun begins to set a bit earlier while the temperatures remain high, the end of july and august are prime time.

for me, outdoor movie season this year starts july 29 for Bowness Movie in the Park‘s screening of UP, sponsored by Servus Credit Union.

have you seen UP? i don’t think i’ve ever been hit so hard in the feels by the first five minutes of a movie. as a bit of a curmudgeon myself, i can understand Carl’s eagerness to explore the lost world of his childhood from the comforts of his own home. best of both worlds. add in a lot of balloons, Russell, Dug and Kevin, and you have the recipe for a masterpiece.

just in case you haven’t seen it, i won’t give any more away. you’ll have to come join me at the bowness community association on saturday. entertainment starts at 8:30 and the movie will start at sundown (around 9:30-10:00pm).

the Servus Credit Union mobile escape room will also be there.

financial fitness might not be the sexiest form of fitness, but Servus has found a fun way to approach the topic. their mobile escape room offers event goers a fun and informative way to challenge themselves and learn about what differentiates Servus from banks.

the member-owned, community-based financial institution partnered with The Locked Room to retrofit a mobile trailer into an escape room and staged it to resemble an old bank. once participants have entered the mobile escape room, they will have 10 minutes to solve puzzles, advance through the trailer and eventually escape.

imagine being trapped in a vintage bank, metal bars blocking all the exits and being left to your own devices to break out. the only way that you can escape is by using elements in the room to solve a series of puzzles. stressful, right?

i haven’t tried a real locked room, but did do a simulation at an event. here are my tips on how you can maximize your chance of escaping:

  • anything can be a clue, keep your eyes open to everything around you.
  • listen to your teammates – it’s about working together
  • speak loudly when you find something, the room can be a bit hectic
  • split it up. assign each person a section of the room
  • listen to your host. they often drop hints
  • have fun! it’s not all about winning

the mobile escape room is part of Servus Summer – a broader, province-wide initiative to host and sponsor a range of events within various communities in Alberta. calgary has two more chances to escape the bank when the Servus mobile escape room returns to the city on august 26 and septemebr 15. it will be making stops in edmonton and lethbridge in between.

i have my blanket – and most importantly my snacks – ready. see you in bowness!

thank you, Servus Credit Union for making this blog post – and cute balloon photos – possible.