let’s get physical.


do i have your attention now? good. let’s talk about them.

breast cancer will affect one in eight women in their lifetime. it is estimated that 26,300 women and 230 men in Canada will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

so what can be done? well, we can party!

Boobyball is back with the biggest, most bodacious bash ever! it’s such a fun way to raise money for Rethink Breast Cancer’s work for young women concerned about and affected by breast cancer.

this year’s theme – get physical – is an ode to the 80s and 90s. but most importantly, it aims to promote and celebrate regular physical activity, which helps reduce a woman’s lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. this year’s annual soiree will celebrate healthy, active lifestyles with a retro twist.

i’m really excited to be attending as an ambassador this year in calgary, after being a supporter of Boobyball in toronto. join me on saturday, october 14 at hotel arts, and i may just challenge you to an aerobic dance off!

while philanthropy and awareness of female cancers are of great importance to me, my first not-so-serious thought was: what am i going to wear?

my mind first flashed to scrunchies, legwarmers, and neon bodysuits. don’t you wish american apparel was still a thing? (rip). but maybe a bit too expected in terms of attire? i pride myself on being different, so instead of olivia newton-john and high cut leotards, i have put together four looks for you from some of my favourite 80s and 90s fashion.

andie – pretty in pink

while andie did her long skirts and satin dresses, i loved her androgynous style throughout the movie. that’s why i would favour a jumpsuit over a dress to properly start her look.

the bigger the better is the motto when it comes to shoulder pads in the 80s. so when you pick out your blazer make sure it points up at the shoulders and leaves plenty of room for padding.

a pink belt, since this is pretty in pink after all! wear it over the blazer, natch.

homemade earrings are true andie fashion, but big and colourful are your go-tos here.

a flower lapel is a perfect finish to this look. the polka dots are a homage to her prom dress.


zack morris – saved by the bell

the canadian tuxedo never looked so good. sigh, zach morris was my favourite childhood heartthrob…along with jordan knight (nkotb4life).

raid your father’s closet, because dad jeans are totes in fashion here.

a plain shirt can get a bit boring. and zack was never boring. add some flair to your button-up shirt with stripes of colour blocking…and always roll the sleeves up.

sneaker game was always on-point. these nike dynasty hightops were just one of the multitude of kicks worn in the show.

and why not show off your crush with a custom kelly kapowski tee under it all?


kurt cobain – nirvana 

what’s that saying? everything old is new again. this really hit me hard when i looked at what is currently in fashion and kurt cobain’s iconic style. good news is, it will be easy to find in-store.

ripped jeans are a must. you’re too cool for pants that have all of the material intact.

a leopard print jacket, or any fuzzy jacket really, will keep you warm while showing everyone your weird and wild side.

fashion? no, i found this earflap hat in a dumpster. the seattle grunge phase was strange, my friends. i can’t explain it.

white-framed sunglasses – presumably courtney love’s – let you check out whoever you want without them knowing. reason enough to wear them inside.

you’ll also need a pack of smokes, candy ones – because smokers are jokers.


cher horowitz – clueless

as if i could forget cher! i’m happy to see her style becoming on-trend again, but as a cathloic school girl, i don’t think i’ll ever wear a kilt again.

pair it with a velvet crop – this is a party after all, or wear a crisp white dress shirt underneath if you’re feeling modest.

over-the-knee stockings give this good girl gone bad style a sexy finishing touch.

mary janes are your shoe of choice. take this look into modern day by making them manolo blahniks.

her flip phone might not be able to capture instagram stories, but the val party made quick history of that.

highschool chic means baby backpack. it can’t hold any of your books or supplies, but gosh it looks cute.

which is your favourite look from the 80s or 90s?