BlueSky and chill.

i’ve always been fond of hibernation season. like the bears, i have no interest in expelling a lot of energy in the winter. the occasional winter hike is pretty and all, but i’m not your avid ski bunny.

instead, you’ll find me under a blanket, drinking a warm beverage, and watching Shaw BlueSky TV. cuddles optional, but welcomed.

after getting to test BlueSky TV last winter, i changed my non-television-household tune. i was able to customize the content i wanted, and everything was easily found at the touch of one button.

the one thing i wished for was a way to access my Netflix account from the same remote. my smart tv made streaming easy, but i always seemed to misplace my second remote, and i never quite remembered which button to press to switch back to BlueSky TV.

little did i know Shaw was working in the background the entire time, finding a way to solve all my remote woes.

that’s right, now BlueSky TV integrates Netflix titles together with live TV, video-on-demand and recorded content so all my content in one place! it’s become such an easy experience. Shaw BlueSky TV’s signature voice-activated remote is the key to finding the shows and movies everyone’s talking about. say Netflix, see Netflix. so simple.

i am constantly blown away by the content created by Netflix, and make sure to mix in Netflix shows along with my old favourite content. what have i been watching lately you ask? it’s the weirdest combination.

  • Big Mouth – Netflix show; very dirty, NSFW, hilarious, cartoon
  • Ella Enchanted – because i’m actually a seven-year-old girl
  • BoJack Horseman – Netflix show; rewatched the whole season for the fourth time, troubled, funny, thoughtful, cartoon
  • The Holiday – will continue to watch every night leading up to christmas

you may think i’m joking on that last one. well, let me tell you a little story. after i finished grad school in 2008, i took a month break between when my internship ended and when i started my first full-time job. The Holiday had come out a year and a half before, and i loved it. after i would get home from the gym in the morning, i would make breakfast and pop in my The Holiday dvd. i actually watched it

i could always use more suggestions of what to watch; let me know in the comments what i should add to my list!


to celebrate the BlueSky TV and Netflix integration, Shaw wants to spread the love this holiday season. we’ve teamed up to give one lucky s&s reader a Shaw prize pack that includes:

  • Shaw water bottle
  • Shaw lip chap
  • Shaw hat
  • Stuffed Shaw Bot (his name is Bit!)
  • 3-month Netflix gift card

enter using the widget below. there are many ways to get extra entries but remember you must leave a comment to be eligible.

*open to canadian residents only, excluding Quebec.

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thanks to Shaw for making this giveaway possible. i happily pay for my BlueSkyTV and am proud to partner with Shaw.